Eine Karte für die Motorrad Routenplanung


Eine Karte für die Motorrad Routenplanung


A well-planned motorbike tour is one of the best ways to experience the feeling of freedom and adventure on the road.
Careful preparation, including thorough route planning, is essential to enjoy a safe and, above all, unforgettable motorbike ride.

There are many options when it comes to planning a motorbike tour. From dedicated motorbike maps to online tour planners, there are numerous online planning tools that can help you find the best motorbike routes and plan an unforgettable motorbike tour.

In this blog article, we would like to give you 8 valuable tips that we have learnt while planning our personal motorbike tours. Whether you’re an experienced biker or just starting out on your motorbike, this post will provide you with valuable information.

So, let’s get started and plan your next motorbike tour!

Why should I plan my route at all?

Some motorcyclists have never and may never plan a tour because they believe that the only way to truly enjoy freedom on a motorbike is to not plan anything in advance.

We are convinced that careful motorbike route planning can be the key to a successful and safe motorbike tour. There are many reasons why you should plan your tour in advance, and here are two of them.

1. thorough motorbike tour planning will help you find the best motorbike routes to experience on your motorbike. With a motorbike tour planner, you can discover routes that meet your requirements in terms of length, difficulty, sights and much more. This ensures that you are always riding new routes and that these new routes are also fun! You can also recognise important information such as road closures or speed limits in advance to ensure that you stay on your route and reach your destination safely.

2. good motorbike route planning can help you save time and money. If you plan in advance, you can choose more suitable routes and avoid making awkward detours. You can also discover restaurants along your route that are suitable for motorcyclists to keep your budget under control.

8 tips for motorbike route planning

Even if you’re an experienced motorcyclist yourself, planning a motorbike tour can be a challenge. Here are a few useful tips to help you plan your next tour!

#1 Use a motorbike tour planner

There are currently numerous tools designed for motorbike route planning. These tools can help you find the best motorbike routes in the area. You can also customise the route length and difficulty level, such as winding routes, to suit your needs.

Many of these tools are free, like the Motobit APP. In the 21st century, there really is no reason to just use a motorbike map or a route planner for car drivers if you want to plan your motorbike route.

#2 Plan realistically

It’s very easy to get carried away with anticipation when planning a motorbike tour. However, the results are often routes that are too challenging because they are either too long to ride or include too many bends. When planning your motorbike tour, you should therefore make sure that you remain realistic and do not overestimate your abilities or those of your motorbike. Don’t plan stages that are too long so that you have enough time to take breaks and enjoy your surroundings. If you don’t have a lot of experience or are travelling in the mountains, calculate around 50 km per hour of riding as an average value to estimate how long you will be riding. Realistic route planning ensures more fun and safety on your tours.

#3 Check the weather conditions

This may sound obvious, but who hasn’t had to turn back and drive home because black clouds suddenly appeared in the sky and jeopardised their riding fun?

To prevent this from happening again, you should check the weather before you set off and adjust your route generously if necessary. Plan an alternative route if bad weather is expected. Don’t forget: Rain is not only unpleasant when riding – it can also quickly become dangerous – especially if your motorbike does not have ABS.

#4 Use a motorbike sat nav device or a navigation app

Use a motorbike navigation device or a motorbike app, such as the Motobit APP, to navigate your planned routes: These tools can help you stay on track while riding and recalculate the route if you get lost.

#5 Schedule enough breaks

If you are planning a longer tour, you should definitely plan breaks. It is important that you stop every now and then on your tour, for example to refuel, go to the toilet or simply stretch your legs. These breaks not only allow you to maintain your physical condition, but also increase your concentration. To have a reference value: Plan a break every 1.5 hours when travelling on country roads or mountain passes.

A short break can do wonders. You can relax a little and then continue your journey energised and with more concentration. It’s also a good opportunity to have a snack or drink to recharge your batteries or check the condition of your bike, such as the tyres.

When you plan a break in your route, think not only about your needs but also those of your motorbike: a petrol station with a small café is often the best option to get everything done and then start again relaxed.

#5 Track your motorcycle tour

When you set off on a motorbike tour, don’t forget to record the route. This is a good way to have fond memories later and to remember where you were on the road. There are various ways to do this, such as a motorbike app with route recording or a motorbike navigation device with GPS function. Try the Motobit APP – not only to plan your motorbike route but also to record your motorbike tour with the integrated GPS tracker.

#6 Inform yourself in advance about dangerous sections

Before you start your motorbike tour, you should find out about the route and any dangerous sections. This will help you avoid potentially dangerous sections and enjoy your tour safely and to the full. There are currently only a few motorbike tour planners that can also provide information about dangerous sections. One of these is the Motobit APP, which can also inform you in advance of risky bends, dangerous junctions and much more.

#7 Prepare a snack and take it with you

Riding a motorbike can be very physically demanding. That’s why it’s important that you always have something to drink and a snack such as a muesli bar with you on your motorbike tours.

If your body does not have enough water or sugar, your concentration and reflexes can be impaired, which can have dangerous consequences for your safety.

#8 Find out in advance about closed roads and speed limits

It is important to find out about local traffic laws and speed limits, especially if you are travelling in a foreign country. Familiarise yourself with the rules to stay safe and avoid unpleasant surprises. Motorcycling is not a cheap hobby in itself, so you can do without unnecessary penalties.

To summarise, careful motorbike tour planning is an important factor for a successful and safe trip.

They go by many names: Tour planner for motorbikes, biker route planner, motorbike navigation device, motorbike apps for tour planning or motorbike tour GPS devices – these buzzwords make it easier for you to plan your route in advance and stay on the right track.

So, take the time to plan your next tour and enjoy the adventure on the road alone or with friends!

All right, but how should I start?

Are you also annoyed by complicated motorbike route planners? Then give Motobit a try!

With Motobit, you can easily plan a motorbike tour, e.g. as a circuit, with just two clicks.

Simply enter the desired direction and length of your tour and the app will automatically calculate the best motorbike route for you. If you don’t like the route, you can generate a new route as often as you like.

Motobit‘s motorbike route planner is super easy and straightforward to use, even if you have no experience with other route planners. And the best thing about it: It is completely free!

What are you waiting for? Try it out now and experience the freedom of your next motorbike tour with the perfect route from Motobit!

Calimoto kostenlos nutzen



Calimoto – No more straight roads?

The Calimoto app is undoubtedly one of the best-known motorbike navigation apps. Since its launch, it has helped numerous motorcyclists to plan their tours, discover interesting routes and reach their destination safely.

From 3rd of July 2023, users are in for some changes that will have a big impact on motorcyclists who want to use Calimoto for free.

In this blog post, we will like to take a closer look at these changes and their practical implications for motorcyclists.

Using Calimoto for free – all this is no longer possible

Probably the most significant change concerns the availability of Calimoto’s free features.

From 3rd of July 2023, almost all of the app’s features will be subject to a charge, making it virtually impossible to use Calimoto for free. This means that users will still be able to plan motorbike tours, but the navigation option will only be available to paying premium users. Even in the previously free regions, navigation will no longer be available.

In addition, it will no longer be possible to record and save your own tours without taking out a subscription to the premium version of Calimoto. The annual price for the premium subscription is now €59.99.

What does that mean in practice?

The practical implications of these changes are clear: it is no longer possible to use Calimoto for free on a motorbike. Whilst routes can still be planned, users will not be able to navigate or export these routes using the app.

For many motorcyclists who have relied on Calimoto to safely navigate winding roads, this means a noticeable loss of functionality. The paid premium subscription is therefore a prerequisite for being able to use the full range of functions.

What else has changed?

In addition to the paid conversion of most functions, Calimoto has also announced a price change for the Premium subscription.

From 3 July 2023, the annual subscription will cost €59.99 per year. In addition, an “All Maps Package” will be offered, which allows you to purchase all available maps but not Premium features (!) for a one-time price of €249.99.

These price adjustments are certainly an important aspect that Calimoto users should take into account when deciding for or against the Premium subscription.

What other Calimoto alternatives are there?

For many Calimoto users, the question now arises as to whether it makes sense to take out the paid subscription or to look for Calimoto alternatives. Fortunately, there are some valuable Calimoto alternatives on the market that are also free to use. Here are three popular options:

  1. Motobit: Motobit is a motorbike app that allows users to plan, navigate and record their motorbike trips. With the function for automatically avoiding town centres, Motobit offers helpful support for route planning. In addition, the recorded tours can be shared with other motorcyclists.
  2. Kurviger: Kurviger is another popular alternative to Calimoto. The app is characterised by its special route planning, which is designed especially for motorcyclists. Kurviger can be used to prioritise winding routes and avoid motorways. Offline navigation is also possible.
  3. Scenic: Scenic is a comprehensive motorbike app that is available for both iOS and Android. In addition to route planning and navigation, Scenic also offers a variety of other functions such as recording journeys, the option to plan round trips and the integration of music streaming services.

Each of these alternatives has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is advisable to compare them in detail and choose the one that best suits your individual requirements and preferences.

If you’re looking for a Calimoto alternative, take a look at our article on the 5 best apps for motorcyclists.

What do motorcyclists think about this?

In order to get a comprehensive picture of the mood and opinions of motorcyclists, we have intensively analysed the discussions and contributions on this topic. We found a variety of reactions:

Some motorcyclists express their disappointment about the switch to a paid model and and the impossibility of using Calimoto for free. They are of the opinion that Calimoto loses value without free use and consider switching to app alternatives or purchasing a conventional sat nav as possible solutions. Here are a few examples:

“Well. That was the final coup de grace to switch”

“Erm…what’s left in the free version then? Can you throw it away without Premium, can’t you?”

“buy a subscription or cards. otherwise switch to an alternative. as a free user, the app is useless as of 3 july”

These posts were taken from open Facebook groups and serve only as examples. They do not represent the opinion of the author.

However, others show understanding for Calimoto’s decision and are willing to subscribe to the premium subscription for access to the advanced features. They see the value of the app and are willing to pay for a high quality navigation solution.

It is important to note that these opinions are subjective and depend on the individual needs and expectations of motorcyclists. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether they are willing to pay for the premium version of Calimoto or switch to one of the alternatives.

To get an objective impression of users’ opinions, it is worth taking a look at the current reviews of Calimoto’s iOS or Android app.


The new changes to Calimoto will fundamentally change the user experience for many motorcyclists. Most functions will be subject to a charge, and free navigation in the “free” regions will no longer be possible.

However, there are various alternatives such as Motobit, Kurviger and Scenic, which also offer free usage options and are worth considering. Ultimately, every motorcyclist should consider their individual requirements and priorities to find the right app for their needs.

Whichever option you choose, we wish you a safe and adventurous ride!

Frequently asked questions

Is the Calimoto app free of charge?

No, from 3rd of July 2023 almost all functions of the Calimoto app will be subject to a charge. Free use will be severely restricted and navigation will only be available to paying premium users.

How much does the Calimoto app cost?

The annual premium subscription for the Calimoto app costs €59.99 per year from 3 July 2023. An “All Maps Package” is also offered, which includes all available maps but no premium features (!) for a one-time, very ambitious price of €249.99.

What can Calimoto Premium do?

Calimoto Premium offers paying users extended functions. These include full navigation, recording and saving your own tours and access to all the app’s available functions and maps.

Which sat nav apps are free?

Three free alternatives to Calimoto are: Motobit, Kurviger and Scenic. These apps also offer route planning, navigation and other functions specifically for motorcyclists and can be used free of charge. If you would like to get an overview of other Calimoto alternatives, take a look at our article on the 5 best apps for motorcyclists.




Which navigation tool
is the right one for you?

In the world of motorcycling, it’s important to have the right navigation tool with you, especially on longer trips.

There are many ways to plan and navigate your motorbike routes, but which is the best option? Should you opt for a traditional motorbike navigation device or install a modern motorbike navigation app on your smartphone?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of both options to help you make the right choice for your needs and preferences. We’ll also compare the key features such as road maps, voice control and comprehensive route planning on motorbike sat navs and motorbike navigation apps.

Read on to find out which GPS system is the best for your motorbike tours!

Motorbike sat navs

Motorbike sat navs are stand-alone GPS systems that have been specially developed for motorbikes.

They have a GPS sensor to determine your position and a screen with a touch-sensitive interface to display the map and navigation instructions. In addition, almost all models are also Bluetooth-enabled to receive voice navigation directly via a connected microphone in the helmet.

Motorbike sat navs are an extra accessory that is not normally included with the purchase of a motorbike. With functions such as road maps and route planning, motorbike sat navs have been one of the most popular accessories for motorcyclists on longer tours for years.


Motorbike sat nav devices have been specially developed for the needs of motorcyclists and therefore offer a few important advantages:

  • Robustness: Motorbike navigation devices are built to be robust and durable to withstand the rigours of motorcycling. They are often waterproof or water-repellent themselves or fitted with a waterproof cover to withstand rain and moisture.
  • Compatibility: Motorbike navigation devices are equipped with mounts for motorbikes and can be conveniently attached to the handlebars. They are also often equipped with the option of voice control, which facilitates operation while riding.
  • Accuracy: Motorcycle navigation devices use a GPS receiver that is specially optimised for use on motorbikes. This means that they usually have better GPS signal quality and accuracy than smartphones.
  • Battery life: Compared to smartphones, motorbike navigation devices often have a longer battery life or are connected directly to the motorbike’s power circuit, which can be an advantage on longer journeys.
  • Usability: As motorbike sat navs have been specially developed for use on motorbikes, they often use larger buttons and sensitive touchscreens that can be used without problems even when wearing gloves. In addition, motorbike navigation devices have a very bright and easy-to-read screen.


Although motorbike sat nav devices offer many advantages, there are also some clear disadvantages that should be considered when deciding for or against such a device:

  • Cost: Motorbike navigation devices are significantly more expensive than smartphone apps. These costs mainly relate to the cost of the device itself.
  • Update costs: The road maps on motorbike navigation devices need to be updated regularly, which can incur additional costs.
  • Limited functionality: Compared to smartphone apps, motorbike navigation devices often offer limited functionality, for example in terms of the use of POIs (points of interest) or the ability to use online services such as weather or traffic information.
  • Updates: The functions of motorbike sat navs are not updated as often as smartphone apps. In order to use new functions, it is often necessary to buy a new model, which can be very expensive in the long run.

Which motorbike sat navs are popular among motorcyclists?

  • TomTom Rider 550 – This motorbike sat nav offers excellent road maps, easy route planning and a long battery life. It also has a waterproof and drop-proof design that makes it an excellent choice for motorcyclists.
  • Garmin Zumo XT – This motorbike sat nav has an intuitive user interface and a wide range of route options. It is also equipped with voice control, allowing you to keep your hands on the handlebars while riding.
  • BMW Navigator VI – This motorbike sat nav has been specially developed for BMW motorbikes and offers excellent map quality, simple route planning and easy integration with other BMW systems. It is also very robust and durable, so it works reliably even in tough conditions. However, it also has its price.

Motorbike apps

In addition to motorbike sat nav devices, there are also special motorbike apps that are optimised for use on motorbikes. These apps are installed on the smartphone and use the smartphone’s sensors, such as GPS, to determine your position and calculate the route.


Here are some advantages of motorbike apps:

  • Cost: Compared to motorbike sat nav devices, most motorbike apps are free or cost only a fraction of standalone motorbike navigation devices.
  • Flexibility: As motorbike apps run on a smartphone, they can also be used for other purposes, for example as a navigation device in the car or as an all-rounder device for everyday use.
  • Up-to-dateness: Motorbike apps are regularly updated and therefore always offer the latest road maps and functions.
  • Functionality: Compared to motorbike navigation devices, motorbike apps often offer greater functionality, for example in terms of the use of POIs or the ability to use online services such as weather or traffic information.
  • Updates: Motorbike apps are usually constantly updated and you can use new functions without having to buy a new device.


Although motorbike apps have the advantage that they are usually free and easily accessible, they also have a few disadvantages compared to a dedicated motorbike sat nav:

Internet connection: Motorbike apps are often dependent on an active internet connection. A poor or no internet connection can affect navigation or make it impossible. Many apps often also offer offline maps for a small additional charge to enable navigation even without an active internet connection.
Battery life: Motorbike apps can also be limited by the smartphone’s battery. For longer journeys, it may be necessary to charge the battery during the journey or, even better, to use a smartphone holder with a charging function. This ensures that the smartphone has enough “juice” for a longer journey.

Screen brightness: Not all screens of modern mobile phones reach the same brightness as that of a motorbike navigation system. It can therefore sometimes be difficult to read the navigation instructions and the map of motorbike apps while riding. Many modern smartphones already have very bright screens that are suitable for use on a motorbike, so this disadvantage does not necessarily apply to a suitable smartphone.
Operation: As the screen of smartphones was developed to be used without gloves, it can be difficult to use motorbike apps with gloves. Modern gloves with integrated, conductive elements to enable the operation of a display provide a remedy.

Popular motorbike apps

  • Motobit – Motobit is a free app that can offer you everything you need for your motorcycle tours. Different routing algorithms ensure that you always find the perfect route for your needs. You can also record your tours with Motobit and receive numerous analyses, such as the number of bends or how you mastered each bend. Classic motorcycle sat nav systems do not offer the recording of the tour alone, which can be very useful later in the motorcycle season.
  • Scenic – This app offers user-friendly route planning and navigation, including road maps designed specifically for motorcyclists. The app is also able to record the tour and can give tips to make the next tour even better.
  • Waze – This free app from the Google universe offers real-time traffic information and collaborative route planning. The app also offers voice control so you can keep your hands on the handlebars of your bike while riding.


Motorcycle sat nav devices and motorcycle apps have clear advantages and disadvantages and there is no clear answer to the question of which is the perfect navigation tool. It very much depends on the personal preferences and requirements of the motorcyclist.

If you are looking for a very robust solution and are on the road a lot, you should consider a motorcycle sat nav device. However, those looking for flexibility, new exciting features and more comprehensive functionality can opt for special motorcycle apps, which are also cheaper than motorcycle sat navs.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune right away, we recommend trying out motorcycle apps. There is a wider choice and most of them can be downloaded for free. It’s very likely that you’re already fully satisfied with a motorcycle app and don’t need a standalone motorcycle sat nav.

Try Motobit: you can use the app to plan amazing motorcycle tours, get navigation instructions specifically for motorcyclists, be warned about road hazards while riding and get lots of information about your motorcycle tours.

Don’t forget that it’s important to always focus on the road and ride safely when using navigation devices on your motorcycle!

Frequently asked questions on the topic of "Motorbike sat nav or motorbike app"

What is the difference between a motorcycle sat nav device and a motorcycle app?

A motorcycle sat nav is a special navigation device designed for use on a motorcycle, while a motorcycle app is a navigation app on your smartphone that you can use on your motorcycle.

Do you need an internet connection for a motorcycle app?

Yes and no, an active internet connection is usually required to use a motorcycle app. This is required, for example, to update current traffic and map information. Numerous apps also offer downloadable offline maps for navigation, which can be used to navigate “offline”, i.e. without an active internet connection.

Can you also operate a motorcycle sat nav system with voice control?

Yes, many modern motorcycle sat nav devices offer the option to operate the navigation via voice control. This can be particularly useful if you want to keep both hands on the handlebars – some motorcycle apps also have a voice control function.

Can I plan my tours with a motorcycle app?

Yes, of course. There are many motorcycle apps that help you plan your motorcycle tours, for example Motobit.

Should I pay attention to compatibility with my motorcycle when choosing a motorcycle sat nav device?

Yes, it is very important that the chosen motorcycle sat nav device is compatible with the motorcycle to ensure optimal use. Some devices require special mounts or other accessories that are not compatible with every motorcycle.

How important is it to update the road maps for my motorcycle sat nav device or motorcycle app?

It is advisable to regularly update road maps for the motorcycle navigation device or the motorcycle app. This ensures that the navigation always works reliably and that the navigation instructions are up-to-date. With motorcycle apps, maps are often updated constantly and in the background so that you always receive the latest information. With motorcycle navigation systems, updates must always be carried out manually by the rider, which can be somewhat cumbersome in many cases.

beste apps für motorradfahrer


IN 2024


Are you also on the lookout for the best apps for motorcyclists in 2024? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve delved into this topic extensively, and in this blog post, we’ll present you with all the essential information about the best motorcycle apps.

Smartphones are constant companions these days, and they’re becoming increasingly crucial for motorcycling. Motorcycle apps serve not only as navigation tools but also provide information on speed, weather, and aid in planning motorcycle tours. But which apps are the best for motorcycling? In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the best motorcycle apps in 2024.

Here are the top 5 motorcycle apps for 2024:

  1. Calimoto
  2. Motobit
  3. Kurviger
  4. Scenic
  5. Riser

Criteria of the analysis

We’ve considered the following criteria for each app:

  • User-Friendliness
  • Route Planning
  • Navigation
  • Tour Tracking and Analysis
  • App Stability
  • Updates
  • Rating
  • Free Version Features
  • Full Version Price

Additionally, we’ve also summarized the unique features each app offers. What do these criteria mean to us and why are they important? Here’s a brief explanation:


This criterion is of great importance because only a simple and intuitive user interface enables the creation of routes, making motorcycle tours easier and more enjoyable. A motorcycle app with poor user-friendliness can lead to frustration and a reluctance to use it.

Route Planning

A good motorcycle app should give you the ability to plan a route quickly and easily. This means that the app should provide a simple and effective interface that allows you to create a motorcycle tour quickly and easily. If the app is complicated and difficult to use, it can be challenging to plan a route, ultimately affecting the riding experience negatively.


It doesn’t make sense to plan a motorcycle tour perfectly if it then becomes a challenge to follow the navigation instructions. Therefore, navigation is crucial in a motorcycle app to have the best possible riding experience on the motorcycle and the road.

Tour Tracking and Analysis

A good motorcycle app should give you the ability to record your motorcycle tour and analyze it later. This means that the app should provide detailed information about the tour, such as the distance traveled, the duration of the tour, elevation changes, and average speed. This information can help improve your riding skills and optimize each subsequent tour.

App Stability

A good motorbike app should be stable and, above all, reliable while riding. This means that the app should run without crashes or errors in order to ensure a smooth user experience and enjoy using it.


A good motorbike app is also characterised by the fact that it is regularly updated to ensure that the map material is always up to date. This is important as roads and traffic conditions can change over time, which can affect the accuracy of route planning.


Google’s Play Store provides important information about whether the app is good or not. In the Play Store, apps are rated with stars, with the minimum being 1 star and the maximum being 5 stars. As a rule of thumb, you can say that 4 stars is a good rating and anything over 4.5 stars is very good. We have taken the average rating of the apps in all countries where they are available at the beginning of 2024 as a reference.

Free Version Features

A good motorbike app should also offer the user useful functions and options in the free version to improve the riding experience. This means that even the free version of the app should give you the option of using basic functions such as route planning or recording and analysing motorbike tours. If the app only offers all functions and options in the paid version, it can deter potential customers and make the app less attractive.

Full Version Price

Most motorbike apps offer a full version for a certain fee, which usually allows you to use all functions without restrictions. For this criterion, we used the price of a full annual membership, which is common.

These are just some of the most important criteria that should play a role when evaluating motorbike apps. Depending on individual needs, however, other factors may also be relevant, such as the availability of different languages or the integration of social networks, and much more.

So let’s get started and take a closer look at the apps!

The 5 best apps for motorcyclists in 2024


You may already be familiar with Calimoto, as it is one of the best-known motorbike apps on the market. One of the features that makes Calimoto special is the algorithm it has developed that takes the “curviness” of a road into account when planning a route. Although other motorbike apps now also offer this function, Calimoto remains a popular choice.


The Calimoto app is relatively easy to use, but the user interface was completely overhauled in 2022, which some users rated negatively and found very challenging.

Route Planning

Calimoto offers various options for creating a route, including automatically created round trips as well as the “classic” option of entering start and destination points by address or searching for waypoints on the map. There are also different routing modes and ways to customise the route between waypoints, or POIs. Nevertheless, some users report that the new user interface has made route planning less intuitive.


Calimoto offers either audible navigation instructions via the speakers or visual navigation instructions via the smartphone display. The navigation generally works well, although some users have had problems with the app when there has been a loss of connection or a road block.

Tour Tracking and Analysis

Calimoto offers the option of recording the data and displaying important information such as date, duration and maximum speed. For premium users, there are additional graphs that show the angle of inclination and acceleration. However, some users have reported that these values are not always accurate as they are calculated from the GPS sensor. Unfortunately, the graphs are not linked to the map, so it is difficult to see and compare the graph data with the recorded position on the map.

App Stability

Calimoto has made some improvements since the major update in April 2022. However, there are still reports of the app occasionally crashing, which cannot be completely avoided with any app.


Calimoto is constantly working on improvements, resulting in regular updates that prevent crashes and fix problems. Whilst there have been no new functions for some time, the current functions already cover most user needs.


With 3.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play, Calimoto has a pretty poor rating.

Free Version Features

In the free version, you can only plan and record routes in one region and navigate within this region. In addition, round trips are limited to 200 km and you cannot download and use offline maps.

Update: From July 3rd 2023, all features except route planning will no longer be available free of charge. The free version can still be used to create routes, but navigating or recording your journey requires a subscription (€59.99 per year). You can find all the information about the new prices and Calimoto’s new subscription model in this blog post.

Full Version Price

The full version of Calimoto is one of the most expensive apps in this comparison and currently costs €49.99 per year (€59.99 from 3 July 2023) and is very rarely available at a discount.

However, if you’re looking for a low-cost alternative, Motobit is the perfect choice. At half the price of Calimoto (and with some features like ride tracking which is even free), Motobit offers all the features you need to fulfil your motorbike needs.


A special feature of Calimoto is the offline navigation. You can download the map and navigate and plan without an internet connection, which many users find very useful.


Riser is a well-known motorbike app, especially in Austria. The company that developed the app is based in Vienna and has become well-known because KISKA, the famous designer of all KTM motorcycles, was one of the company’s shareholders.


Riser is simple and intuitive to understand. The menu at the bottom of the screen contains the most important functions, while the rest is organised in a side menu. Navigation through the app is simple and the first impression is very intuitive.

Route Planning

Riser only offers limited options when it comes to route planning. You can plan a circular route or a route with start, destination and intermediate destinations. It’s not super intuitive to plan intermediate destinations directly on the map, but it is possible. The app does not integrate POIs such as gas stations or similar, but you can find them using the address search.


Riser’s navigation is quite simple and the necessary information is clearly displayed. However, the navigation is probably the least detailed function of the app.

Tour Tracking and Analysis

For each recorded motorbike tour, the Riser app provides a summary of the route with the most important data. Details such as speed or altitude are not summarised in graphics, but the maximum altitude is displayed, which is sufficient for many people. You can add additional information for each ride, such as a description of the landscape. Everything that is useful, so to speak, but no more.

App Stability

The stability of the Riser app is very good. This is possibly also due to the fact that new functions are rarely added, which can be potential causes of crashes.


The biggest shortcoming of Riser is, as already mentioned, the long intervals between updates. The app is not updated often and gives the impression that it is hardly ever developed further. The last update was in October 2022, which is a long time for an app.


Riser is rated with 4.0 out of 5 stars. It is therefore a “solid” average rating.

Free Version Features

Many functions are already available in the free version of Riser. In the full version, you can use the super-curvy routing mode, share your live position via a link (such as in WhatsApp) or create a group and see the position of all members on the map.

Full Version Price

The full version of Riser costs €59.99 per year, which may put many people off for what is on offer.


Riser also offers the possibility to organise a ride together with friends or other motorcyclists. Riser also offers regular challenges with a competition where you can win the full version.


Kurviger is something of a “legend” for motorcyclists in German-speaking countries and became famous for its Web route planner. Remember the algorithm for finding curvy routes we mentioned earlier? Most of it is the work of the team at Kurviger, who then released the methodology used for it as “free to use” (or open source) so that other developers could use, adapt and improve it. Kurviger then started to offer an app, which is currently being “renovated”.


Kurviger is a very technical tool with many options, which can put many motorcyclists off. This was especially true for the old version, but the new version of the app has a revamped and more intuitive user interface. However, the new version of the app is still under development, which means that features may still be added that may affect the user experience.

Route Planning

In short: Kurviger means tour planning! Route planning in Kurviger offers a huge selection of customisation and filter options. You can really spend countless hours planning a tour with Kurviger down to the last detail.


Kurviger’s navigation is pretty good, the map is clear and you can easily skip waypoints, pause the navigation or get an overview of the entire route. The recalculation of a route usually works very well, even if it can take a little time.

Tour Tracking and Analysis

Not much can be said about this, as this function is currently not available, as Kurviger is mainly focussed on tour planning and navigation. If you want to navigate and also record your motorbike tour, you need to use an additional app with Kurviger.

App Stability

It is still too early to assess the stability of the current version of Kurviger, as the app is currently still in development. This means that some developments are taking place and the app may not be 100% stable and crashes may occur.


After many years, the new version of the Kurviger app is finally available as a beta version. It seems that the app is being continuously developed. We hope that this remains the case, as it would be a shame if the development of this “legend” were to stagnate for a long time, as was the case with the first version.


As the app is still in the beta phase, there is currently no public rating.

Free Version Features

All functions are available free of charge in the beta version. It is currently unclear whether there will be a 100% paid version at a later date.

Full Version Price

All functions can currently also be used in the free version. To be able to use all functions in the web portal as well, there is a subscription for €10 per year.


No other app or online route planner offers as many customisation options as Kurviger.


Scenic ist eine App, die sicherlich zu den Urgesteinen am Markt gehört. Tatsächlich ist Scenic die “Weiterentwicklung” von Motomappers, das bereits im Jahr 2014 gegründet wurde. Seitdem ist viel passiert und jetzt ist Scenic ein bekannter Name bei Motorradfahrern, besonders für alle, die ein Apple Smartphone haben. Warum ist das so? Derzeit ist Scenic nur für iOS-Geräte verfügbar und sich eine Version für Android gerade in Entwicklung befindet. Wir sind jedoch der Meinung, dass die App gut gemacht ist und sie trotzdem einen Platz in unserer Liste der besten Apps für Motorradfahrer verdient.


You can see that the app has been around for a long time and that the developers have listened very carefully to user feedback, as the Scenic app is very easy to use for most applications. Chapeau!

Route Planning

Scenic offers a good route planner. You can create round trips or fully personalised trips using the address search or directly on the map. You can also add your own POIs to the map and organise your planned routes into folders to make them easier to find. This is a very cool feature, but it can also be very easy to lose your route in folders. Fortunately, there is also a search function.


Navigation in Scenic works smoothly. Following the course of the road is easy and very visible on the map, but the navigation instructions on the screen may be too small for some motorcyclists. It can happen that you are routed to roads that are not passable, but in this case the route is recalculated in no time.

Tour Tracking and Analysis

Scenic can also be used to record motorbike tours. In addition, every journey with activated navigation is automatically recorded. At the end of the recording, you receive an overview of the tours travelled with the most important information such as distance, duration, etc. You can also export the tour afterwards or share it with friends.

App Stability

The stability of the Scenic app is very good, crashes are rare and the app generally runs smoothly.


The app is updated at irregular intervals. There are phases in which the app is updated frequently, but also longer periods in which no updates take place. The last update at the time of writing this blog post was in November 2022. One reason for this could be that the developers are currently focussing their attention on finalising the Android app.


The Scenic app has a very good rating of 4.7, although it should be noted that the app ratings in Apple’s App Store are generally higher than those in Google’s Play Store. Nevertheless, this is a very good rating overall.

Free Version Features

The free version of the Scenic app already offers many functions. However, it is not possible to navigate the route with navigation instructions without subscribing to the premium version. In the free version, the route is only shown on the map, but you have to pay attention to where you have to ride to. Creating round trips is also one of the premium functions, where other apps often offer more.

Full Version Price

Scenic offers various packages. It is possible to take out a subscription for €27.99 per year or purchase an unlimited lifetime licence for €110. However, not all functions are included in these packages. To download maps, you need credits, which must be purchased separately. This model is unique and can cause confusion.


A mentioned beforte, a special feature of Scenic is the ability to organise tours in folders. Other apps often do not offer this and it can be very practical, especially for motorcyclists who are often on the road and plan or record many tours.


Motobit is one of the latest apps for motorcyclists and was first released in summer 2020. The development of Motobit was initially focussed on the delivery of road hazard warnings to improve motorcycling safety. The app has been continuously developed and currently offers almost all the functions motorcyclists could wish for.


The Motobit app is very easy to use. The developers have really put a lot of effort into making the user interface as intuitive as possible and the results are clearly visible: you can always see which button has which function and you never lose track within the app.

Route Planning

With Motobit, you can easily plan motorcycle tours directly on the map or via the address search or generate a round trip in just a few clicks. The app offers 4 different routing modes that allow you to customise the route as you wish. Instead of flooding the user with options, Motobit does a lot in the background: the routing options are pre-optimised to favour beautiful rural roads and avoid boring and straight roads.


Navigation with the Motobit app is simple and very intuitive. The navigation instructions via audio commands or the smartphone display are easy to follow. The route is automatically recalculated if a turn is missed, although as with many other apps, this can take a while depending on GPS and network reception. While navigating or tracking a motorbike tour, Motobit also provides warnings about dangers on the road, such as dangerous bends, damaged roads, etc., as well as speed checks. These warnings are very useful, especially when travelling on new and unfamiliar roads.

Tour Tracking and Analysis

The Motobit app offers a lot of information about the tracked tours. Of course, all general information is available, such as the total duration, distance, altitude, etc., but the app also analyses your cornering style during the ride and provides an overview of how you ride each corner in order to constantly improve your riding style. Motobit also calculates the lean angle and acceleration in the direction of travel with a higher accuracy than other apps and provides this information in graphs linked to the map so that you can view and analyse the values point by point on the map. That’s world-class!

App Stability

The stability of the app is really good. Crashes and problems are solved quickly by the developers.


The Motobit app is updated very frequently and new functions are constantly being added. The developers constantly utilise user feedback and try to implement it quickly in the app.


The average rating of the Motobit app is 4.5 with over 2200 ratings. This makes it the top-rated app for motorcyclists in the Play Store.

Free Version Features

In the free version of Motobit, you can plan and navigate tours. However, the length of the tours is limited to 100 km for navigation. The full version also offers the option of importing GPX files, displaying the inclination angle and acceleration points, among other things. There are other practical app functions included in the full version, which are clearly listed in the app. All warnings and the analysis of the cornering style can be used free of charge by all users, which really benefits everyone.

Full Version Price

The full version of Motobit is called “Motobit Premium” and costs just €29.99 per year. This makes it much cheaper and more attractive than other apps for motorcyclists.


The Motobit app is the only app that also offers free personalised warnings about dangers on the road. In addition, only with Motobit is it possible to receive an analysis of your own cornering style. Another special feature of the Motobit app is the cornering assistant.

The cornering assistant constantly analyses the current driving style and combines this with information about the road network. This makes it possible to be alerted in advance if you are about to underestimate a bend in order to avoid a potentially dangerous situation based on your own riding style. This function alone can already help many motorcyclists to avoid accidents and enjoy motorbike tours in a more relaxed manner.


If you are not yet sure which app is right for you, we have put together a table with a summary:

+ = Very good

o = Average

– = Below average

/ = Can not be evaluated

Motobit Calimoto Scenic Riser Kurviger
User-Friendliness + o + o -
Route Planning o + o - +
Navigation o o + o o
Tour Tracking and Analysis + o o o /
App Stability o o + + /
Updates + o - - /
Rating 4.5/5 3.3/5 4.7/5 4.0/5 /
Free Version Features + - o + /
Full Version Price 29,99€/Year 59,99€/Year 27,99€/Year 59,99€/Year 10€/Year

…and Google Maps?

Are you wondering why we haven’t included Google Maps in our list of the best apps for motorbike riders? Quite simply: Google Maps is not an explicit motorbike app. Of course, Google Maps can also be used for motorcycling and works well if you want to get from A to B quickly. However, it does not offer any special functions for motorcyclists.

An important final tip

If you’re still unsure which motorbike app is right for you, it won’t hurt to simply download a few motorbike apps and try them out. Most apps can also be used in the free version and often also offer a free trial period of the full version before you have to pay for it. Of course, you can also ask your motorcyclist friends, but be careful: many people have only used one motorbike app and recommend it without knowing what other apps offer. In addition, each motorbike app has specific strengths that may be more or less important to you. That’s why we recommend trying out each app for yourself and not always relying on recommendations alone. We can of course recommend that you simply give Motobit a try. 😉
10. Camping Gear Accessories




Camping basics not to miss on an adventure with the motorcycle

If you’re planning to go on an extended, multi-day trip or tour, you’ll be staying in various locations for the night.

A lot of people in this scenario would prefer hotels, which are dry and warm and with the possibility to provide everything from home-cooked food to fine dining, and the necessity of carrying nothing besides your clothing on your bicycle.

Some people may prefer the thrill of camping as a key part of the adventure itself. It’s less expensive, and people appreciate the freedom camping offers to stay wherever they like and whenever they want as well as eat wherever they want once arrived.

There are, of course, negatives to camping on a motorcycle. First, the weather may be challenging sometimes. That’s why the choice of a good tent is vital. It is, in the end, your only shelter, so you have to be sure to put it up quickly if it’s raining as you reach your campsite.

But also that it’s big enough to accommodate you, your gear, and wet riding equipment.

Tools Important for Camping

Here’s a list of tools that comes in handy if you’re up for a good camping trip on your bike:


The most important is your tent. Mainly tents differ in size based on the needs of the user.

If you’re traveling with a socius rider, make sure to pick a tent that can easily accommodate 2 people and plan some extra space to store your belongings, including the top case, pannier roll bag, and tank bag. Cases often provide a lock so your valuables are in a safe and dry place.

Sleeping Bag/Sleeping Pad

A good night’s rest is crucial for a successful day in the saddle. And after an exhausting ride, you likely need a comfy place to lie down.

There are a variety of options on the market for both. Most sleeping bags are made of two types of materials such as feathers or synthetic material. Consider the conditions that you’ll face and pick the right one.

Most sleeping bags are rated until the freezing point and below. If you should choose to stay in colder conditions, there are many options and models available that are light and small to pack.

Light Source

After you’ve set up your camp and you’re ready to settle in your bed for the evening, a good headlamp is vital for tackling camp chores and navigating your way after the sun sets. A little illumination goes far with a good LED light.

Most models offer a variety of brightness levels that can be adapted to any situation and fit well in your tank bag. Moreover, newer generations can easily be charged with a portable USB power bank. There are also many night lights available that can be put on a table, etc.

Water Storage

Remember to consider the importance of drinking plenty of water on adventure rides. All the riding through dirt can build up a thirst, and having enough water on hand is crucial to keep a sharp mind and a safe ride. If you’re in an area that allows you to draw water from natural sources, you won’t require more on your bike as you would during an excursion in the desert.

If you bring just a bit more, you’ll be happy and well-hydrated when camping.

Anti-Bug Spray

Being able to sleep below the stars is among the most enjoyable things in life. However, it isn’t a good idea to allow nature, in the form of bugs, to be along with yours.

Therefore, bringing anti-bug spray can be crucial. It can be packed tiny enough to be conveniently tucked away in your luggage as well.

Pocket stove

Let’s face it: You have to eat at some point. By packing a pocket stove you can cook a great meal on an open flame within minutes that are ready for action with little effort.

They are small, light, and great for boiling water to rehydrate food or brew a coffee or a cup of tea if it is getting cold. Many different kinds are available, but they all have similar functions.


Getting proper tools for camping is not a very hectic task. You can have many options based on your budget. The market is full of affordable brands that you can check out with a lot of high-end gear available. So when buying, consider your usage, the available size of your luggage, and your budget. Another great tool that won’t take any more luggage is by installing the Motobit APP on your smartphone. By doing so you can not only track your ride, and get hazard warnings for more riding safety, but also analyze every ride curve by curve. And with Motobit PREMIUM you get even more including extended tour planning, lean angle analysis, acceleration analysis, and unlimited 3D video credits. What are you waiting for?
9. Tires tips for sports and naked bikes




The most proven and best tires for sport and naked motorcycles

Selecting the right tires for your sport bike or super naked can be arduous, with many options from many brands and various applications.

This guide should help you choose the best tire for your bike and help you choose the ones that are among the most suitable tires for sport and naked bikes utilized on the roads and the track.

Warning Signs You Need New Tires

Tires age and wear down rather quickly as they are under heavy load when riding. A tire failure when driving could be disastrous and cause your vehicle to stall or leave you on the side of the road without any way to return home. Therefore, you want to know if the tires on your motorcycle are in poor condition so that you can purchase new ones before something goes wrong. So make sure to check the following regularly:

  • Tread depth
  • The tread wear indicator
  • Cracks in the sidewall
  • Bulges and blisters on the tire
  • Too much vibration

Best Tires for Sports and Naked Bikes

The six most characteristic motorcycle types are adventure, classic, cruiser, off-road, sports, and dual-sport motorbikes. In addition, the sport touring category is often referred to as a seventh class or a part of the tour category.

The best tires that work great with all categories of sports and naked bikes are listed as follows:

  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV
  • Avon 3D Ultra Evo
  • Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22
  • Continental Sport Attack 2
  • Dunlop Q3+
  • Metzeler Sportec M7 RR
  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II
  • Michelin Pilot Power 2CT
  • Metzeler Sportec M9 RR
  • Continental ContiSport Attack 4

There are a variety of names and methods for categorizing kinds of motorcycles according to their features and use.

What to Look for In a Tire?

According to the expert recommendations, if you want your sport and naked bike to outshine its performance, here are a few things that you must consider when looking for a new tire. Most importantly, a good sports bike tire should offer grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Plus, an ideal tire for a sports bike should have a very quick warm-up time. A sports bike has the most focus on performance, so its tires should be durable and long-lasting as the performance of sports, and naked bikes heavily depend on matching tires.

Are Expensive Tires Worth It?

A more expensive tire can provide many advantages over cheaper ones. There is less chance of causing punctures, more grip, and sometimes a higher fuel efficiency. If you are looking for longevity and performance, expensive tires are often worth the expense.

There’s a wide variety of tires on the market. Different models and brands are available in various dimensions, features, and tread patterns. It leads to additional costs for tires for each kind.

Used Tires for Each Class

The Sportsmart MK3 is the most efficient hyper sports tire. In addition, over the past year as well as the Bridgestone S22, S21s, Pirelli Rosso 3’s, Michelin Road 5’s, and Michelin Power Cup 2. The Sportsmart is as excellent, if not superior to the rest.

The Michelin Road 5 is a bit softer and more spongy. The Power Cup 2’s might be somewhat better at the dry grip. However, it works great in wet conditions.

If you can afford them new or get your hands on a used pair in good condition at an affordable price, go for them. But remember, what matters the most in used tires is their condition. Safe travels!

8. Tires tips for adventure and touring bikes




Tire tips for your adventure and touring motorcycle

Tires are the most critical part of a motorcycle. Significantly when your motorcycle is meant to accompany you on adventurous road trips for long tours, you can never compromise on tire quality. Probably that’s why motorcycle tires are the most talked about thing among hard-core motorcycle lovers.

As much as it is impossible to have a successful road trip, so is finding the right one for your motorcycle. If your last road trip didn’t go as you planned, there’s a big chance that a wrongly chosen tire is the cause.

Signs that you need to need to change your motorcycle tires

Identifying the movements of the end of a tire’s life is very important. Here are some signs that can help:

  • Repeated flats
  • Worn sidewalls
  • Bead problems
  • Thread patterns

If you often face these signs, you should change your motorcycle tires as soon as possible.

Best tires for adventure and touring motorcycles

According to experts, the best tire for adventure and touring motorcycles show a good balance between durability and performance. Based on these two essential qualities, here’s the best tires for adventure and touring motorcycles for 2022:

  • Avon Cobra Chrome
  • Bridgestone Exedra Max
  • Continental ContiTour
  • Continental Twinduro TKC80
  • Dunlop Elite 4
  • Dunlop Trailmax Mission
  • Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra
  • Michelin Commander III Touring
  • Pirelli Angel GT II
  • Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR
  • Kenda K784 Big Block
  • Mitas E-07

You can easily find them in most online and retail shops.

Are used tires worth it?

People often opt for used tires, but the question is, are they worth it? The answer heavily depends on the condition of the tire. The tires, as mentioned above, are worth buying used if they are in a good condition. If you can opt for a brand-new tire, go for it because when you don’t want to compromise on quality. Only go for second-hand tires if you are sure about the seller and condition of the tire.

What to look for in a tire?

Rolling resistance is something you should keenly consider when buying tires. Try to eradicate it as much as possible because your touring motorcycle is meant to go to places with you, and you can not afford any unfortunate situation or even a breakdown because of bad tires.

Also, opt for robust tires built to function on challenging roads. They also have a better life span as they don’t burst out easily.


You must have heard motorcycle riders flexing how cheap it is to keep a motorcycle compared to a car. But once you own a motorcycle, you know where your biker friend misleads you, and that’s tires. Undoubtedly, they are the most expensive thing on your motorcycle as they need to be replaced more regularly than on a car. Another thing that can help you increase your riding experience at a very low cost is by tracking your ride with the Motobit APP. If you find yourself testing your new set of tires it can get fast rather quickly. With the Dashboard view of the Motobit APP, you can find your exact riding speed PLUS you can save a bunch of money with the speed camera warning feature. This way you have the best of both worlds, which is safety and savings. The maintenance of a motorcycle is heavily dependent on tires. Tire quality decides how your motorcycle will handle and when on a long road tour, you can not compromise on quality. So, to avoid any mishap, opt for high-quality tires, most probably the ones recommended by your motorcycle manufacturer or experts!
7. Mountain passes in Spain




The best roads to discover in sunny Spain with the motorcycle

Nothing beats the thrill of a road trip, especially on a motorbike as the adrenaline rush is matchless. Of all other factors, the destination matters the most. After all, it’s all for the scenic views and the experiences you make in the end. Spain is always on the European bucket list due to its fantastic tourist spots. But what the majority of the tourists and even locals often miss are the scenic mountain passes.

Spanish terrain is excellent. The land, the topography, the weather, the breathtaking views, and the serenity easily stick in someone’s mind. Spanish mountain passes should be on everyone’s list, and if you want to visit them shortly, here is a complete guide.

What places to visit?

There are many mountains passes in Spain, but some worth-visiting ones include:

1. Mallorca

Local Spanish people can vouch for Mallorca’s popularity among tourists as it is the largest Balearic Island. Besides its sandy beaches, what also attract the eyes of Mallorca are the scenic mountains and blue waters. It is synonymous with a nature lover’s paradise.

The curvy mountain road presents one of the most scenic views in Europe. The entire scenery has a Mediterranean touch to it as well. The ideal route you should take in Mallorca starts from Carretera del Port before reaching the northern coast at Cap de Formentor. This point is the northernmost end of the destination of Mallorca.

2. Valle de Jerte

Valle de Jerte is home to one of Europe’s most spectacular and striking views. The place is loaded with white cherry blossoms, profusely distributed in lush green valleys. As much as it sounds pleasing, this place is worth a visit. If you have not already visited Valle de Jerte, this is your sign to pay a visit soon as it is only three hours west of Madrid.

The best time to visit Valle de Jerte is during the Spring season when nature is at its peak. If you are looking for a serene and quiet place, then Valle de Jerte is ideal because it is commonly not very crowded during that time.

The main attraction on this route is the “Pearl of the Valley”, which has a rich heritage dating back to the 16th century. You will find delicious and inviting food spots in nearby villages as well.

3. Montserrat Mountain Roads of Catalunya

If you want a view straight out of a movie scene, buckle your seat belts for Montserrat Mountain. It is well accessible from Barcelona, which is only 45 kilometers away from Montserrat Mountain.

The mountain is so splendid that it will already attract your attention from quite far away. The Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria is the main tourist attraction there.

What to remember?

Before you embark on your journey through the splendid mountain passes of Spain, make sure to pack comfortable gear. Especially during a long motorbike journey, good equipment is key. Not to mention, your bike should be ready to tackle any hurdle that comes your way. Keeping a small toolbox with you in an emergency is always a good idea. Another great tool is the Motobit APP with its hazard warning features that come in handy on unknown roads. By tracking your ride with Motobit you can not only analyze your riding behavior curve by curve but also be warned of potential road hazards for a safe and joyful ride. Apart from that, do check the weather and humidity in advance. Have a fun and safe journey!
6. Mountain passes in France




Don't miss out on these amazing French roads on your motorcycle

Almost nothing can match the popularity of the Eiffel Tower in France. But do you know that there is another highly underrated thing about France? The stellar mountains, also called the French Alps, are located across France.

Although there are plenty of tourist spots in France, all are pretty mainstream. The mountains call you if you want a different yet memorable day in France. Here are some hand-picked mountain passes in France that should be on your list if you plan to visit anytime soon.

1. Gorges de Galamus

Gorges de Galamus tops the list because it is very suitable for experienced riders. The road is relatively narrow, so it is quite a task for car drivers. A safe and risk-free option to travel across Gorges de Galamus is via motorbike.

If you plan to visit in summer during the peak season, a car won’t be a feasible option due to more traffic. So, the motorbike is the best tool for traveling across Gorges de Galamus. Gorges is the main center of attraction there. Mainly, they are located in Cubières-sur-Cinoble and Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet in the Pyrénées-Orientales at a length of 2 km.

2. Col de la Madeleine

Col de la Madeleine is a favorite tourist spot among the most visited French Alps destinations. It is a tough climb up to the destination when on Col de la Madeleine, and due to its challenging nature, it is a biker’s gem among the French Alps.

Frequent riders say there is something unique about Col de la Madeleine, something that’s challenging and inspiring and something only a biker can experience. If you are up for a thrilling and adventurous ride, Col de la Madeleine is the answer to your calls.

The main attraction on this route is serenity and solitude. When you see the green plateaus with snow-covered mountains in the background, they leave you spellbound.

3. Col de Suzette

Located in Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur, Col de Suzette is a 5.3 km long pass at an altitude of 392 m with an average gradient of around 5%. Many tourists love col de Suzette because it has a lot to offer. Main attractions include Dentelles de Montmirail, Le Barroux Vaison-la-Romaine, and many more.

4. Chamonix

Chamonix tops the charts when we solely talk about the view. Not only that, but the town itself is also worth a visit. The Main plus point of Chamonix is that it is away from the crowd and not as popular and well-known among the masses.

Chamonix offers excellent food and great accommodation to travelers at reasonable rates. You may encounter occasional hikers, interrupting your flow, but it is worth the fantastic view.

Things to remember

When visiting mountain roads on a motorbike, you must be very careful about certain aspects. Discovering new roads can take quite a lot of concentration and requires high riding skills with unknown curves and tricky sections. Make sure to track your ride with the Motobit APP and activate both the curve warning and hazard notification features to enjoy a safe ride. Another important aspect is the motorbike itself. If your motorbike breaks down, there may be little or no technical help uphill. In such moments, a biker is left all by himself. So, before you embark on your adventurous journey, ensure your motorbike is well-maintained and up for the challenge!
5. Mountain passes in Italy




Discover epic mountain roads in beautiful Italy with the motorcycle

Italy is famous for tourism, arts, architecture, and, of course, delicious pizza. If you are planning to visit Italy, there are probably several things on your bucket list already. You must have included the main ones like The Renaissance, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Amalfi Coast, etc. But one thing that is genuinely underrated about Italy is its beautiful mountains in the country’s North.

Those mountains and the roads leading to them are packed with scenic views. A motorbike ride through the mountain roads of Italy will leave you spellbound. Here are 3 of the most famous mountain passes in Italy that are just the right pick for your next motorbike trip across the scenic mountains in Italy.

1. San Boldo Pass

San Boldo is a short mountain pass that covers an area of 17 km. It is ideal if you want to enjoy it to the fullest in a short time or do not want to ride the motorbike for too long. The favorite part of most motorcyclists in San Boldo is riding through the tunnels.

The pass has five tunnels in total, riding through it counts as one of the most exciting things due to the echoing sound of your bike’s engine. Five tunnels cover 17 kilometers of distance, and the echo of the engine produced inside them is genuinely a symphony to the ears. The road surface is not as smooth as one expects for a bike ride. Also, keep in mind that you can travel at a speed of 30 kph only.

2. Maloja pass

Maloja pass is located at a geographically peculiar location. It lies on the Swiss/Italian border. A plus point of this pass is that it is open year around. It is ideal for visiting on bicycles too.

There are many tourist attraction points in the neighborhood of Maloja Pass, such as Lago del Cavloc, and the Tower of Belvedere. If you are flexible to expand your radius just a bit, you can get even more options.

While on the bike to Maloja Pass, you should be careful about a few things. Firstly, the road mainly comprises ascent/descent, so drive with full precautions. Secondly, although the pass is open around the year while traveling on a motorbike, you should consider the summer season for your journey.

3. Gardena Pass

The Gardena Pass is also known as Grödner Joch. Located in South Tyrol, Gardena Pass presents a breathtaking view. The road is located at an elevation of over 2000 m and is relatively smooth until the end. Due to this, it is a favorite among many tourists, but expect it to be a little crowdy in the peak season. Although the road is smooth, you need to be an experienced rider.

Things to remember

It is always a wise idea to keep a few things in your mind before you embark on your journey. First, your bike and gear should be up to the mark. On such risky passes and roads, it is better to stay safe and not take any risks. Talking about potential risks, the curve warning and hazard warning feature of the Motobit APP is a great way to ride safely while being fully focused on controlling your bike. Also, consider the weather conditions and humidity before setting off your motorbike. One thing people often neglect is selecting the right accommodation. Failing to do so may influence the vacation heavily. So, make a wise choice regarding your destination that matches your needs. And lastly, don’t forget to have lots of fun and make as many memories as possible!