Eine Karte für die Motorrad Routenplanung


A well-planned motorbike tour is one of the best ways to experience the feeling of freedom and adventure on the road.
Careful preparation, including thorough route planning, is essential to enjoy a safe and, above all, unforgettable motorbike ride.

There are many options when it comes to planning a motorbike tour. From dedicated motorbike maps to online tour planners, there are numerous online planning tools that can help you find the best motorbike routes and plan an unforgettable motorbike tour.

In this blog article, we would like to give you 8 valuable tips that we have learnt while planning our personal motorbike tours. Whether you’re an experienced biker or just starting out on your motorbike, this post will provide you with valuable information.

So, let’s get started and plan your next motorbike tour!

Why should I plan my route at all?

Some motorcyclists have never and may never plan a tour because they believe that the only way to truly enjoy freedom on a motorbike is to not plan anything in advance.

We are convinced that careful motorbike route planning can be the key to a successful and safe motorbike tour. There are many reasons why you should plan your tour in advance, and here are two of them.

1. thorough motorbike tour planning will help you find the best motorbike routes to experience on your motorbike. With a motorbike tour planner, you can discover routes that meet your requirements in terms of length, difficulty, sights and much more. This ensures that you are always riding new routes and that these new routes are also fun! You can also recognise important information such as road closures or speed limits in advance to ensure that you stay on your route and reach your destination safely.

2. good motorbike route planning can help you save time and money. If you plan in advance, you can choose more suitable routes and avoid making awkward detours. You can also discover restaurants along your route that are suitable for motorcyclists to keep your budget under control.

8 tips for motorbike route planning

Even if you’re an experienced motorcyclist yourself, planning a motorbike tour can be a challenge. Here are a few useful tips to help you plan your next tour!

#1 Use a motorbike tour planner

There are currently numerous tools designed for motorbike route planning. These tools can help you find the best motorbike routes in the area. You can also customise the route length and difficulty level, such as winding routes, to suit your needs.

Many of these tools are free, like the Motobit APP. In the 21st century, there really is no reason to just use a motorbike map or a route planner for car drivers if you want to plan your motorbike route.

#2 Plan realistically

It’s very easy to get carried away with anticipation when planning a motorbike tour. However, the results are often routes that are too challenging because they are either too long to ride or include too many bends. When planning your motorbike tour, you should therefore make sure that you remain realistic and do not overestimate your abilities or those of your motorbike. Don’t plan stages that are too long so that you have enough time to take breaks and enjoy your surroundings. If you don’t have a lot of experience or are travelling in the mountains, calculate around 50 km per hour of riding as an average value to estimate how long you will be riding. Realistic route planning ensures more fun and safety on your tours.

#3 Check the weather conditions

This may sound obvious, but who hasn’t had to turn back and drive home because black clouds suddenly appeared in the sky and jeopardised their riding fun?

To prevent this from happening again, you should check the weather before you set off and adjust your route generously if necessary. Plan an alternative route if bad weather is expected. Don’t forget: Rain is not only unpleasant when riding – it can also quickly become dangerous – especially if your motorbike does not have ABS.

#4 Use a motorbike sat nav device or a navigation app

Use a motorbike navigation device or a motorbike app, such as the Motobit APP, to navigate your planned routes: These tools can help you stay on track while riding and recalculate the route if you get lost.

#5 Schedule enough breaks

If you are planning a longer tour, you should definitely plan breaks. It is important that you stop every now and then on your tour, for example to refuel, go to the toilet or simply stretch your legs. These breaks not only allow you to maintain your physical condition, but also increase your concentration. To have a reference value: Plan a break every 1.5 hours when travelling on country roads or mountain passes.

A short break can do wonders. You can relax a little and then continue your journey energised and with more concentration. It’s also a good opportunity to have a snack or drink to recharge your batteries or check the condition of your bike, such as the tyres.

When you plan a break in your route, think not only about your needs but also those of your motorbike: a petrol station with a small café is often the best option to get everything done and then start again relaxed.

#5 Track your motorcycle tour

When you set off on a motorbike tour, don’t forget to record the route. This is a good way to have fond memories later and to remember where you were on the road. There are various ways to do this, such as a motorbike app with route recording or a motorbike navigation device with GPS function. Try the Motobit APP – not only to plan your motorbike route but also to record your motorbike tour with the integrated GPS tracker.

#6 Inform yourself in advance about dangerous sections

Before you start your motorbike tour, you should find out about the route and any dangerous sections. This will help you avoid potentially dangerous sections and enjoy your tour safely and to the full. There are currently only a few motorbike tour planners that can also provide information about dangerous sections. One of these is the Motobit APP, which can also inform you in advance of risky bends, dangerous junctions and much more.

#7 Prepare a snack and take it with you

Riding a motorbike can be very physically demanding. That’s why it’s important that you always have something to drink and a snack such as a muesli bar with you on your motorbike tours.

If your body does not have enough water or sugar, your concentration and reflexes can be impaired, which can have dangerous consequences for your safety.

#8 Find out in advance about closed roads and speed limits

It is important to find out about local traffic laws and speed limits, especially if you are travelling in a foreign country. Familiarise yourself with the rules to stay safe and avoid unpleasant surprises. Motorcycling is not a cheap hobby in itself, so you can do without unnecessary penalties.

To summarise, careful motorbike tour planning is an important factor for a successful and safe trip.

They go by many names: Tour planner for motorbikes, biker route planner, motorbike navigation device, motorbike apps for tour planning or motorbike tour GPS devices – these buzzwords make it easier for you to plan your route in advance and stay on the right track.

So, take the time to plan your next tour and enjoy the adventure on the road alone or with friends!

All right, but how should I start?

Are you also annoyed by complicated motorbike route planners? Then give Motobit a try!

With Motobit, you can easily plan a motorbike tour, e.g. as a circuit, with just two clicks.

Simply enter the desired direction and length of your tour and the app will automatically calculate the best motorbike route for you. If you don’t like the route, you can generate a new route as often as you like.

Motobit‘s motorbike route planner is super easy and straightforward to use, even if you have no experience with other route planners. And the best thing about it: It is completely free!

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