Motobit Sentinel



Motobit Sentinel is your most advanced motorcycle companion.

It allows you to be alerted in case of
⦿ Danger zones (dangerous curves, crossings with limited visibility, etc.)
⦿ hazardous approach to curves
⦿ speed cameras

all without taking your eyes off the road thanks to intuitive and strong vibrations.

30-day money-back guarantee
Two-year warranty
Free delivery in 2-4 days with tracking code and same-day shipping
Compatible with all smartphones running Android 8.1 or later with Google services


Curve Assistant

Take every curve safely with Curve Assistant! Our special algorithms analyze how you handle each curve and the road ahead so that we can warn you of potentially dangerous curves based on the geometry of the road, your current driving status and of course your curve behavior. With Sentinel you can receive this warning easily and intuitively directly on your wrist and avoid dangerous situations. In addition, the driving assistant improves with every turn: the more tours you do with Motobit, the more detailed and accurate the analysis becomes.

Speed Cameras and Speed Controls Warning

Tired of getting fines? You will be warned up to 450 meters in advance of more than 10,000 speed cameras and speed checks throughout Europe. All of course via vibration so you can keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Danger warning

Always aware of what awaits you on the road! If there is a hazard on the road ahead (dangerous curve, low visibility intersection, damaged road, etc.), Motobit Sentinel will vibrate to warn you up to 450 meters in advance so you have plenty of time to prepare for it. The database of road hazards is constantly updated thanks to the reports of more than 10,000 motorcyclists and the analysis of the Motobit road network.

Compatibility: Android 8.1 or later smartphones with Google services

Battery life: 14 days

Charging time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Battery: Lithium-ion

Updates: via the Motobit APP

Waterproofing: not waterproof

– Motobit Sentinel
– Silicone strap
– Charging cable
– Safety strap
– Quick start guide
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