Motobit Sentinel



Motobit Sentinel is your most advanced motorcycle companion.

It allows you to be alerted in case of:
⦿ Danger zones (dangerous curves, crossings with limited visibility, etc.)
⦿ Hazardous approach to curves
⦿ Speed cameras*

all without taking your eyes off the road thanks to intuitive and strong vibrations.

* Follow the legal situation in the respective country to be able to use this function.

30 day money back guarantee

Two year warranty

Free 2-4 day shipping with tracking code and same day shipping

Compatible with all smartphones running Android 8.1 or later with Google services



  • DIMENSIONS:24 x 40 x 12 mm (A x B x C)
  • WEIGHT:35 grams
  • CONNECTIVITY:Bluetooth 5.0 LE
  • BATTERY:Li-Ion 100 mAh with 14 days of battery life
  • MATERIAL:ABS plastic
  • CONNECTOR:Magnetic USB charging cable (included)
  • BUTTON:Silicone with integrated status LED
  • COLORS:Asphalt black, racing red, Carbon black, Carbon red
  • BAND SIZE:255 mm (including device)
  • BAND MATERIAL:Silicone


Motobit Sentinel

Silicone band

Charging cable

Safety strap


Yes, Sentinel works on the entire world but the Motobit app can be used in the entire Europe and Australia only. Other countries will be available in the future.

Sentinel works with every smartphone with Android 8.1 + and the Google Services. If you can install the Motobit app on your smartphone then Sentinel will work.

No, you don´t need any subscription to use Sentinel. You can subscribe to Motobit Premium to have additional features in the app but it is not mandatory to use Sentinel.

No, Sentinel is not waterproof. A couple of drops will not damage Sentinel but you should protect it from rain and not immerse it in water.

You can charge Sentinel with the apposite cable that you will find in the product package. You can use any USB port or charger and it will take approximately 1 hour to fully charge your Sentinel.

Yes, you will need an active internet connection to get always up to date information. 

Yes, the vibrations of Motobit Sentinel are the most powerful of all wearables. You will feel them no matter which motorcycle you ride or protective gear you wear.

Sentinel connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you need to keep it active to use Sentinel.

The integrated battery of Sentinel ensures a battery life of around 14 days with a single charge.

Yes, Sentinel is only 12 mm thick, much less than other wearables and smartwatches. Moreover, it was designed to be worn comfortably under racing suits, motorcycle jackets and gloves.

You simply will not feel the vibrations. We conducted many tests and the vibrations of Sentinel are not comparable with a classic smartwatch.

The band of Sentinel is “one-size-fits-all”. Due to the 22mm quick-release mechanism, you are free to use any strap of your choice.

Yes, we want our customers to be fully satisfied with Sentinel. For this reason, you have 30 days to try it and if you think Sentinel can not help you ride safer and avoid dangers, you can simply contact us at and ask for returning the product.

Of course, Motobit Sentinel comes with a 2 years product warranty.

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