Camping basics not to miss on an adventure with the motorcycle

If you’re planning to go on an extended, multi-day trip or tour, you’ll be staying in various locations for the night.

A lot of people in this scenario would prefer hotels, which are dry and warm and with the possibility to provide everything from home-cooked food to fine dining, and the necessity of carrying nothing besides your clothing on your bicycle.

Some people may prefer the thrill of camping as a key part of the adventure itself. It’s less expensive, and people appreciate the freedom camping offers to stay wherever they like and whenever they want as well as eat wherever they want once arrived.

There are, of course, negatives to camping on a motorcycle. First, the weather may be challenging sometimes. That’s why the choice of a good tent is vital. It is, in the end, your only shelter, so you have to be sure to put it up quickly if it’s raining as you reach your campsite.

But also that it’s big enough to accommodate you, your gear, and wet riding equipment.

Tools Important for Camping

Here’s a list of tools that comes in handy if you’re up for a good camping trip on your bike:


The most important is your tent. Mainly tents differ in size based on the needs of the user.

If you’re traveling with a socius rider, make sure to pick a tent that can easily accommodate 2 people and plan some extra space to store your belongings, including the top case, pannier roll bag, and tank bag. Cases often provide a lock so your valuables are in a safe and dry place.

Sleeping Bag/Sleeping Pad

A good night’s rest is crucial for a successful day in the saddle. And after an exhausting ride, you likely need a comfy place to lie down.

There are a variety of options on the market for both. Most sleeping bags are made of two types of materials such as feathers or synthetic material. Consider the conditions that you’ll face and pick the right one.

Most sleeping bags are rated until the freezing point and below. If you should choose to stay in colder conditions, there are many options and models available that are light and small to pack.

Light Source

After you’ve set up your camp and you’re ready to settle in your bed for the evening, a good headlamp is vital for tackling camp chores and navigating your way after the sun sets. A little illumination goes far with a good LED light.

Most models offer a variety of brightness levels that can be adapted to any situation and fit well in your tank bag. Moreover, newer generations can easily be charged with a portable USB power bank. There are also many night lights available that can be put on a table, etc.

Water Storage

Remember to consider the importance of drinking plenty of water on adventure rides. All the riding through dirt can build up a thirst, and having enough water on hand is crucial to keep a sharp mind and a safe ride. If you’re in an area that allows you to draw water from natural sources, you won’t require more on your bike as you would during an excursion in the desert.

If you bring just a bit more, you’ll be happy and well-hydrated when camping.

Anti-Bug Spray

Being able to sleep below the stars is among the most enjoyable things in life. However, it isn’t a good idea to allow nature, in the form of bugs, to be along with yours.

Therefore, bringing anti-bug spray can be crucial. It can be packed tiny enough to be conveniently tucked away in your luggage as well.

Pocket stove

Let’s face it: You have to eat at some point. By packing a pocket stove you can cook a great meal on an open flame within minutes that are ready for action with little effort.

They are small, light, and great for boiling water to rehydrate food or brew a coffee or a cup of tea if it is getting cold. Many different kinds are available, but they all have similar functions.


Getting proper tools for camping is not a very hectic task. You can have many options based on your budget. The market is full of affordable brands that you can check out with a lot of high-end gear available. So when buying, consider your usage, the available size of your luggage, and your budget. Another great tool that won’t take any more luggage is by installing the Motobit APP on your smartphone. By doing so you can not only track your ride, and get hazard warnings for more riding safety, but also analyze every ride curve by curve. And with Motobit PREMIUM you get even more including extended tour planning, lean angle analysis, acceleration analysis, and unlimited 3D video credits. What are you waiting for?

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