The best roads to discover in sunny Spain with the motorcycle

Nothing beats the thrill of a road trip, especially on a motorbike as the adrenaline rush is matchless. Of all other factors, the destination matters the most. After all, it’s all for the scenic views and the experiences you make in the end. Spain is always on the European bucket list due to its fantastic tourist spots. But what the majority of the tourists and even locals often miss are the scenic mountain passes.

Spanish terrain is excellent. The land, the topography, the weather, the breathtaking views, and the serenity easily stick in someone’s mind. Spanish mountain passes should be on everyone’s list, and if you want to visit them shortly, here is a complete guide.

What places to visit?

There are many mountains passes in Spain, but some worth-visiting ones include:

1. Mallorca

Local Spanish people can vouch for Mallorca’s popularity among tourists as it is the largest Balearic Island. Besides its sandy beaches, what also attract the eyes of Mallorca are the scenic mountains and blue waters. It is synonymous with a nature lover’s paradise.

The curvy mountain road presents one of the most scenic views in Europe. The entire scenery has a Mediterranean touch to it as well. The ideal route you should take in Mallorca starts from Carretera del Port before reaching the northern coast at Cap de Formentor. This point is the northernmost end of the destination of Mallorca.

2. Valle de Jerte

Valle de Jerte is home to one of Europe’s most spectacular and striking views. The place is loaded with white cherry blossoms, profusely distributed in lush green valleys. As much as it sounds pleasing, this place is worth a visit. If you have not already visited Valle de Jerte, this is your sign to pay a visit soon as it is only three hours west of Madrid.

The best time to visit Valle de Jerte is during the Spring season when nature is at its peak. If you are looking for a serene and quiet place, then Valle de Jerte is ideal because it is commonly not very crowded during that time.

The main attraction on this route is the “Pearl of the Valley”, which has a rich heritage dating back to the 16th century. You will find delicious and inviting food spots in nearby villages as well.

3. Montserrat Mountain Roads of Catalunya

If you want a view straight out of a movie scene, buckle your seat belts for Montserrat Mountain. It is well accessible from Barcelona, which is only 45 kilometers away from Montserrat Mountain.

The mountain is so splendid that it will already attract your attention from quite far away. The Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria is the main tourist attraction there.

What to remember?

Before you embark on your journey through the splendid mountain passes of Spain, make sure to pack comfortable gear. Especially during a long motorbike journey, good equipment is key. Not to mention, your bike should be ready to tackle any hurdle that comes your way. Keeping a small toolbox with you in an emergency is always a good idea. Another great tool is the Motobit APP with its hazard warning features that come in handy on unknown roads. By tracking your ride with Motobit you can not only analyze your riding behavior curve by curve but also be warned of potential road hazards for a safe and joyful ride. Apart from that, do check the weather and humidity in advance. Have a fun and safe journey!

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