Welcome to the FAQ of Motobit


Welcome to the FAQ of Motobit


The Motobit APP allows you to track all your motorcycle tours, analyse your riding behavior and increase your safety by receiving hazard notifications in a non-intrusive and easy-to-understand way when riding based on your riding skill and the course of the road ahead.

Besides having a valid driver’s license and calling a motorcycle your own, you only need a smartphone running Android 5.0 or higher to use the Motobit APP. Please note, that iOS is currently not supported.

Some features of Motobit are offered for free while others are available with the subscription to Motobit Premium. The features included in Motobit Premium and the subscription prices are visible in the app by clicking on “Become Premium member” in your profile.

Motobit is supported in the following countries:

Albania, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Our host (Hetzner Online GmbH) is based in Germany. All profile and related telemetry data is stored there.

Yes. All data is transmitted to our servers via a secure SSL or HTTPS connection.

Yes, of course. As long as you have enabled automatic rotation in the settings of your smartphone, you can use many views of Motobit in landscape mode. This includes navigation and recording (tracking) of your tours.

No, unlike other services like Google Maps, Motobit does not have live traffic information.

The map material is usually updated every 2-4 weeks. This includes local road closures and non vehicular traffic information, although due to the large amount of data and frequent changes in the road network, it is possible that a location may not be accurately updated. We hope for your understanding.

No, currently Motobit does not have offline map material that can be used without an internet connection. However, we plan to offer this feature in the near future.


When starting Motobit for the first time, you simply need to enter a valid email address and set a password to create a new user profile.

After you have created your user profile, Motobit asks you to self-evaluate your cornering behavior so that you can use the APP features even during your very first ride. Simply get on your motorcycle and start tracking a longer tour so that Motobit can complete creating your riding profile. Your profile will become more accurate, the more rides you track with Motobit.

Motobit uses various sensor information provided by your smartphone from your tracked tours to get insights about your riding behavior and to create your riding profile.

Besides allowing Motobit to access your current location, it is needed to apply changes to the battery optimisation settings of your smartphone so that your ride can get tracked completely and Motobit can work properly throughout the entire ride.

A personal riding profile shows a better reflection of your very own riding behavior and improves the accuracy of many features of the Motobit APP.

The more rides you track and store, the richer your riding profile gets and the more accurate the notifications of the curve assistant become to enjoy an even safer ride.

The algorithms used by Motobit are designed to work on paved or mapped roads only. Please note, that there may be inaccuracies when riding on road segments, that are not fully covered by our map service.

As long your motorcycles do not differ significantly from each other in terms of engine power allowing you to maintain a comparable riding style, your riding profile stored in Motobit will not get biased. If you have any questions about your profile, simply write us at

All you have to do is log in to Motobit on your new device. Once you select the “Outings” tab, all planned and tracked tours in your profile will be transferred. Please ensure that your old device has an internet connection and all trips have been fully uploaded.


Curve analysis shows you how you tackled every curve by analysing your tracked rides with values ranging from relaxed to risky and is based on your riding profile created with your very own riding data.

You get a better and fully objective understanding of how your cornering is deviating from the usual behavior of your profile with every curve of your tour so that you can become aware of potentially risky sections.

With Curve Assistant you will get notified acoustically via your headset/intercom or haptically through your Sentinel device when approaching a curve, that may be risky for your riding profile based on your current speed and the course of the road ahead. Both your riding behavior and the road that lies ahead of you are constantly evaluated so that you can enjoy a safer ride.

If you already have a riding profile, all you need to do is to go to the settings and activate Curve Assistant. You will then be informed the next time you track a ride.

Go to Curve Assistant in the settings and choose between various options under Notification sensitivity. A low sensitivity leads to less notifications, whereas a higher setting causes more notifications during a ride.

Yes, you can choose from different warning times under Notification time ranging from a more early to a later point in time.

Yes, the audio of the Motobit APP is simply added to the system audio output of your smartphone.

With Hazard Notification, you can receive warnings about potential hazards during the ride. Furthermore, you can also report a potential hazard to inform other riders.

You can choose between an overlay that will be displayed at the top of the Home tab and add an acoustic notification through the audio output if desired.

Simply long-press on a road segment where you want to make the report and choose a matching category.

You can find your reports inside your user profile in the Home tab under REPORTS.

Make sure that you attach your smartphone firmly to your motorbike and that it does not slip, otherwise the results could be affected. The best way to do this is with a tank bag.

Yes and no. Motobit requires an active data connection for creating a tour, syncing your profile with the server, and receiving initial navigation information. These data are continuously updated during your tour. For the smooth functioning of Motobit, we recommend that your smartphone has a stable internet connection throughout your ride.

However, for the sole purpose of recording (GPS tracking) your tour, Motobit does not require an active internet connection.

No, this feature is currently not available. However, we are already planning to provide this capability in the near future.

No. To record your tours with Motobit, you need to do this through the tracking button in the menu.

Currently, ferries and water transport are not considered when creating routes. Therefore, we recommend creating a tour from the starting point to the pier and another from the pier to the destination.

Yes. Simply press and hold the desired waypoint and move it to the desired location. The tour will then be recalculated according to your input.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to display an alternative route.

To skip a waypoint ahead of you during navigation, first select the menu with the 3 horizontal lines in the lower right corner, then click “Skip next waypoint.” The waypoint will then be removed from your planned tour, and the next waypoint will be approached.

Yes. To bypass a local traffic condition during navigation towards your next waypoint, first select the menu with the 3 horizontal lines in the lower right corner. Then click “Bypass road closure.” You will then be redirected locally and shortly return to the planned route to your next waypoint.
To adjust the length or duration of a round tour during planning, you must enlarge or shrink the circle accordingly. To change the direction in which your round tour should run, simply rotate the circle. All necessary steps and information can be found at the top of the screen of the app during the planning view of a round tour.

To change the colour of the map, you need to change the map style through the button at the bottom right of the map. You can choose between different styles such as dark, light, satellite, etc. The setting applies to all map views within the app.


Motobit PREMIUM offers additional features compared to the free version of the app, including:

– Navigation: Extended navigation with a range of over 100km
– Planning: Plan longer tours with starting and ending points that are further from your current location
– GPX import: Import GPX files to use custom routes
– Acceleration and lean angle analysis: Get insights into your acceleration and lean angle during the ride
– Automatic pause function: Automatically pause tracking during breaks
– Unlimited 3D videos of your tours: Create 3D videos of your rides without any limitations
– Exclusive routing mode “Sport/Touring”: A dedicated routing mode tailored for sportive riders

…and much more!

Yes, of course. As part of the annual membership, Motobit Premium offers a free 14-day trial period for new customers.

During this time, you’ll have full access to all the premium features of Motobit. If you don’t cancel your membership within this 14-day period, it will be automatically renewed.

To cancel your Motobit PREMIUM membership, follow these steps:

Go to your profile within the Google Play app > Select Payments & subscriptions or Subscriptions > Find and select Motobit from the list of subscriptions > Choose Manage subscription > Select “Cancel subscription.”


Make sure to set all needed permissions in the system preferences of your device so that Motobit can work properly. You can find further guidelines here.

No, Motobit maintains its functionality over an extended period of time even when you are facing low cellular coverage during your ride by loading the needed data in advance.

Go to the ride overview page in the Motobit APP and check your recent rides, your last ride should be available until the last waypoint stored by your smartphone.

As long as the GPS signal is not affected you can store your smartphone everywhere.

Considere anyway that if the smartphone is not mounted on the motorcycle you will get inaccurate lean angle and acceleration measurements.

This usually happens when a battery saving setting is active and limits the update frequency of your position as well as its accuracy. To solve this problem please change all the settings in order for Motobit to work correctly as explained here. This can also happen if you try to track a tour completely indoor or in an area with bad GPS coverage, nevertheless in this case the problem should not persist as soon as you move to an area with good GPS coverage.
If you see a straight line fixed at zero in the lean angle or acceleration diagram, it means that:
  • your smartphone does not have an accelerometer and a gyroscope that are necessary for the calcualtion of the lean angle and the accelerations or
  • the calibration process for the calcualtion of the lean angle and the accelerations failed.
To ensure that the calibration process is successfull mount the smartphone in a fixed position, as in a bag on the tank or with a smartphone holder. At the beginning of your tour you will always see the lean angle and acceleration fixed at zero as long as the calibration process is not completed. The calibatrion process is started and developed completely automaticaly.

The accuracy of the measured lean angle and accelerations depends from how well your smartphone is fixed to the motorcycle and mantains its position during the ride.

If your smartphone is not mounted on the motorcycle ( as for example if you put it in your jacket pocket) you will get inaccurate results.

We are sorry for the problem. Please write us an email at describing us the problem. The more information you can give us the faster we can solve the problem.

Do not uninstall the app before contacting us to be sure that your tracked tours are synced with the server and will not be lost.

To get a lean angle analysis, your smartphone must have both a gyroscope and an accelerometer. If your device lacks these sensors, Motobit won’t be able to determine the lean angle, and no values will be displayed for it.

To increase the battery life of your smartphone, it’s worth considering the following points:

– Reduce display brightness
– Close other apps running in the background
– Disable Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi connections when not in use
– Use a dark theme for your Android interface
– Optionally, mute keyboard and ringtone sounds
– Clean up phone storage by deleting unused apps and data
– Remove unused accounts

This circumstance has two reasons:

– The accuracy of your smartphone’s GPS sensor varies depending on the location and environment, leading to some inherent deviation
– Motobit does not perform extensive post-processing of your GPS position, as is done, for example, in a tunnel section during navigation with Google Maps

These two reasons can, in extreme cases, create the impression that you have slightly deviated from the road.

First, make sure that the location permission is enabled and set to “accurate.” The quality or accuracy of the recording depends largely on the GPS sensor used in your smartphone. Additionally, local conditions such as densely populated urban areas, tunnels, underpasses, etc., can interfere with reception. You can inform yourself, for example, using free location apps like GPS Info or GPS Data about the accuracy of the built-in GPS sensor.

Currently, it is not possible to change the name in the 3D video you created. Therefore, make sure you have correctly named your tour before requesting the video creation.

If you have any questions that are not covered in this FAQ, simply get in contact with us.

We are happy to help and will constantly update this section with your most asked questions.