10. Camping Gear Accessories




Camping basics not to miss on an adventure with the motorcycle

If you’re planning to go on an extended, multi-day trip or tour, you’ll be staying in various locations for the night.

A lot of people in this scenario would prefer hotels, which are dry and warm and with the possibility to provide everything from home-cooked food to fine dining, and the necessity of carrying nothing besides your clothing on your bicycle.

Some people may prefer the thrill of camping as a key part of the adventure itself. It’s less expensive, and people appreciate the freedom camping offers to stay wherever they like and whenever they want as well as eat wherever they want once arrived.

There are, of course, negatives to camping on a motorcycle. First, the weather may be challenging sometimes. That’s why the choice of a good tent is vital. It is, in the end, your only shelter, so you have to be sure to put it up quickly if it’s raining as you reach your campsite.

But also that it’s big enough to accommodate you, your gear, and wet riding equipment.

Tools Important for Camping

Here’s a list of tools that comes in handy if you’re up for a good camping trip on your bike:


The most important is your tent. Mainly tents differ in size based on the needs of the user.

If you’re traveling with a socius rider, make sure to pick a tent that can easily accommodate 2 people and plan some extra space to store your belongings, including the top case, pannier roll bag, and tank bag. Cases often provide a lock so your valuables are in a safe and dry place.

Sleeping Bag/Sleeping Pad

A good night’s rest is crucial for a successful day in the saddle. And after an exhausting ride, you likely need a comfy place to lie down.

There are a variety of options on the market for both. Most sleeping bags are made of two types of materials such as feathers or synthetic material. Consider the conditions that you’ll face and pick the right one.

Most sleeping bags are rated until the freezing point and below. If you should choose to stay in colder conditions, there are many options and models available that are light and small to pack.

Light Source

After you’ve set up your camp and you’re ready to settle in your bed for the evening, a good headlamp is vital for tackling camp chores and navigating your way after the sun sets. A little illumination goes far with a good LED light.

Most models offer a variety of brightness levels that can be adapted to any situation and fit well in your tank bag. Moreover, newer generations can easily be charged with a portable USB power bank. There are also many night lights available that can be put on a table, etc.

Water Storage

Remember to consider the importance of drinking plenty of water on adventure rides. All the riding through dirt can build up a thirst, and having enough water on hand is crucial to keep a sharp mind and a safe ride. If you’re in an area that allows you to draw water from natural sources, you won’t require more on your bike as you would during an excursion in the desert.

If you bring just a bit more, you’ll be happy and well-hydrated when camping.

Anti-Bug Spray

Being able to sleep below the stars is among the most enjoyable things in life. However, it isn’t a good idea to allow nature, in the form of bugs, to be along with yours.

Therefore, bringing anti-bug spray can be crucial. It can be packed tiny enough to be conveniently tucked away in your luggage as well.

Pocket stove

Let’s face it: You have to eat at some point. By packing a pocket stove you can cook a great meal on an open flame within minutes that are ready for action with little effort.

They are small, light, and great for boiling water to rehydrate food or brew a coffee or a cup of tea if it is getting cold. Many different kinds are available, but they all have similar functions.


Getting proper tools for camping is not a very hectic task. You can have many options based on your budget. The market is full of affordable brands that you can check out with a lot of high-end gear available. So when buying, consider your usage, the available size of your luggage, and your budget. Another great tool that won’t take any more luggage is by installing the Motobit APP on your smartphone. By doing so you can not only track your ride, and get hazard warnings for more riding safety, but also analyze every ride curve by curve. And with Motobit PREMIUM you get even more including extended tour planning, lean angle analysis, acceleration analysis, and unlimited 3D video credits. What are you waiting for?
9. Tires tips for sports and naked bikes




The most proven and best tires for sport and naked motorcycles

Selecting the right tires for your sport bike or super naked can be arduous, with many options from many brands and various applications.

This guide should help you choose the best tire for your bike and help you choose the ones that are among the most suitable tires for sport and naked bikes utilized on the roads and the track.

Warning Signs You Need New Tires

Tires age and wear down rather quickly as they are under heavy load when riding. A tire failure when driving could be disastrous and cause your vehicle to stall or leave you on the side of the road without any way to return home. Therefore, you want to know if the tires on your motorcycle are in poor condition so that you can purchase new ones before something goes wrong. So make sure to check the following regularly:

  • Tread depth
  • The tread wear indicator
  • Cracks in the sidewall
  • Bulges and blisters on the tire
  • Too much vibration

Best Tires for Sports and Naked Bikes

The six most characteristic motorcycle types are adventure, classic, cruiser, off-road, sports, and dual-sport motorbikes. In addition, the sport touring category is often referred to as a seventh class or a part of the tour category.

The best tires that work great with all categories of sports and naked bikes are listed as follows:

  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV
  • Avon 3D Ultra Evo
  • Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22
  • Continental Sport Attack 2
  • Dunlop Q3+
  • Metzeler Sportec M7 RR
  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II
  • Michelin Pilot Power 2CT
  • Metzeler Sportec M9 RR
  • Continental ContiSport Attack 4

There are a variety of names and methods for categorizing kinds of motorcycles according to their features and use.

What to Look for In a Tire?

According to the expert recommendations, if you want your sport and naked bike to outshine its performance, here are a few things that you must consider when looking for a new tire. Most importantly, a good sports bike tire should offer grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Plus, an ideal tire for a sports bike should have a very quick warm-up time. A sports bike has the most focus on performance, so its tires should be durable and long-lasting as the performance of sports, and naked bikes heavily depend on matching tires.

Are Expensive Tires Worth It?

A more expensive tire can provide many advantages over cheaper ones. There is less chance of causing punctures, more grip, and sometimes a higher fuel efficiency. If you are looking for longevity and performance, expensive tires are often worth the expense.

There’s a wide variety of tires on the market. Different models and brands are available in various dimensions, features, and tread patterns. It leads to additional costs for tires for each kind.

Used Tires for Each Class

The Sportsmart MK3 is the most efficient hyper sports tire. In addition, over the past year as well as the Bridgestone S22, S21s, Pirelli Rosso 3’s, Michelin Road 5’s, and Michelin Power Cup 2. The Sportsmart is as excellent, if not superior to the rest.

The Michelin Road 5 is a bit softer and more spongy. The Power Cup 2’s might be somewhat better at the dry grip. However, it works great in wet conditions.

If you can afford them new or get your hands on a used pair in good condition at an affordable price, go for them. But remember, what matters the most in used tires is their condition. Safe travels!

8. Tires tips for adventure and touring bikes




Tire tips for your adventure and touring motorcycle

Tires are the most critical part of a motorcycle. Significantly when your motorcycle is meant to accompany you on adventurous road trips for long tours, you can never compromise on tire quality. Probably that’s why motorcycle tires are the most talked about thing among hard-core motorcycle lovers.

As much as it is impossible to have a successful road trip, so is finding the right one for your motorcycle. If your last road trip didn’t go as you planned, there’s a big chance that a wrongly chosen tire is the cause.

Signs that you need to need to change your motorcycle tires

Identifying the movements of the end of a tire’s life is very important. Here are some signs that can help:

  • Repeated flats
  • Worn sidewalls
  • Bead problems
  • Thread patterns

If you often face these signs, you should change your motorcycle tires as soon as possible.

Best tires for adventure and touring motorcycles

According to experts, the best tire for adventure and touring motorcycles show a good balance between durability and performance. Based on these two essential qualities, here’s the best tires for adventure and touring motorcycles for 2022:

  • Avon Cobra Chrome
  • Bridgestone Exedra Max
  • Continental ContiTour
  • Continental Twinduro TKC80
  • Dunlop Elite 4
  • Dunlop Trailmax Mission
  • Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra
  • Michelin Commander III Touring
  • Pirelli Angel GT II
  • Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR
  • Kenda K784 Big Block
  • Mitas E-07

You can easily find them in most online and retail shops.

Are used tires worth it?

People often opt for used tires, but the question is, are they worth it? The answer heavily depends on the condition of the tire. The tires, as mentioned above, are worth buying used if they are in a good condition. If you can opt for a brand-new tire, go for it because when you don’t want to compromise on quality. Only go for second-hand tires if you are sure about the seller and condition of the tire.

What to look for in a tire?

Rolling resistance is something you should keenly consider when buying tires. Try to eradicate it as much as possible because your touring motorcycle is meant to go to places with you, and you can not afford any unfortunate situation or even a breakdown because of bad tires.

Also, opt for robust tires built to function on challenging roads. They also have a better life span as they don’t burst out easily.


You must have heard motorcycle riders flexing how cheap it is to keep a motorcycle compared to a car. But once you own a motorcycle, you know where your biker friend misleads you, and that’s tires. Undoubtedly, they are the most expensive thing on your motorcycle as they need to be replaced more regularly than on a car. Another thing that can help you increase your riding experience at a very low cost is by tracking your ride with the Motobit APP. If you find yourself testing your new set of tires it can get fast rather quickly. With the Dashboard view of the Motobit APP, you can find your exact riding speed PLUS you can save a bunch of money with the speed camera warning feature. This way you have the best of both worlds, which is safety and savings. The maintenance of a motorcycle is heavily dependent on tires. Tire quality decides how your motorcycle will handle and when on a long road tour, you can not compromise on quality. So, to avoid any mishap, opt for high-quality tires, most probably the ones recommended by your motorcycle manufacturer or experts!
7. Mountain passes in Spain




The best roads to discover in sunny Spain with the motorcycle

Nothing beats the thrill of a road trip, especially on a motorbike as the adrenaline rush is matchless. Of all other factors, the destination matters the most. After all, it’s all for the scenic views and the experiences you make in the end. Spain is always on the European bucket list due to its fantastic tourist spots. But what the majority of the tourists and even locals often miss are the scenic mountain passes.

Spanish terrain is excellent. The land, the topography, the weather, the breathtaking views, and the serenity easily stick in someone’s mind. Spanish mountain passes should be on everyone’s list, and if you want to visit them shortly, here is a complete guide.

What places to visit?

There are many mountains passes in Spain, but some worth-visiting ones include:

1. Mallorca

Local Spanish people can vouch for Mallorca’s popularity among tourists as it is the largest Balearic Island. Besides its sandy beaches, what also attract the eyes of Mallorca are the scenic mountains and blue waters. It is synonymous with a nature lover’s paradise.

The curvy mountain road presents one of the most scenic views in Europe. The entire scenery has a Mediterranean touch to it as well. The ideal route you should take in Mallorca starts from Carretera del Port before reaching the northern coast at Cap de Formentor. This point is the northernmost end of the destination of Mallorca.

2. Valle de Jerte

Valle de Jerte is home to one of Europe’s most spectacular and striking views. The place is loaded with white cherry blossoms, profusely distributed in lush green valleys. As much as it sounds pleasing, this place is worth a visit. If you have not already visited Valle de Jerte, this is your sign to pay a visit soon as it is only three hours west of Madrid.

The best time to visit Valle de Jerte is during the Spring season when nature is at its peak. If you are looking for a serene and quiet place, then Valle de Jerte is ideal because it is commonly not very crowded during that time.

The main attraction on this route is the “Pearl of the Valley”, which has a rich heritage dating back to the 16th century. You will find delicious and inviting food spots in nearby villages as well.

3. Montserrat Mountain Roads of Catalunya

If you want a view straight out of a movie scene, buckle your seat belts for Montserrat Mountain. It is well accessible from Barcelona, which is only 45 kilometers away from Montserrat Mountain.

The mountain is so splendid that it will already attract your attention from quite far away. The Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria is the main tourist attraction there.

What to remember?

Before you embark on your journey through the splendid mountain passes of Spain, make sure to pack comfortable gear. Especially during a long motorbike journey, good equipment is key. Not to mention, your bike should be ready to tackle any hurdle that comes your way. Keeping a small toolbox with you in an emergency is always a good idea. Another great tool is the Motobit APP with its hazard warning features that come in handy on unknown roads. By tracking your ride with Motobit you can not only analyze your riding behavior curve by curve but also be warned of potential road hazards for a safe and joyful ride. Apart from that, do check the weather and humidity in advance. Have a fun and safe journey!
6. Mountain passes in France




Don't miss out on these amazing French roads on your motorcycle

Almost nothing can match the popularity of the Eiffel Tower in France. But do you know that there is another highly underrated thing about France? The stellar mountains, also called the French Alps, are located across France.

Although there are plenty of tourist spots in France, all are pretty mainstream. The mountains call you if you want a different yet memorable day in France. Here are some hand-picked mountain passes in France that should be on your list if you plan to visit anytime soon.

1. Gorges de Galamus

Gorges de Galamus tops the list because it is very suitable for experienced riders. The road is relatively narrow, so it is quite a task for car drivers. A safe and risk-free option to travel across Gorges de Galamus is via motorbike.

If you plan to visit in summer during the peak season, a car won’t be a feasible option due to more traffic. So, the motorbike is the best tool for traveling across Gorges de Galamus. Gorges is the main center of attraction there. Mainly, they are located in Cubières-sur-Cinoble and Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet in the Pyrénées-Orientales at a length of 2 km.

2. Col de la Madeleine

Col de la Madeleine is a favorite tourist spot among the most visited French Alps destinations. It is a tough climb up to the destination when on Col de la Madeleine, and due to its challenging nature, it is a biker’s gem among the French Alps.

Frequent riders say there is something unique about Col de la Madeleine, something that’s challenging and inspiring and something only a biker can experience. If you are up for a thrilling and adventurous ride, Col de la Madeleine is the answer to your calls.

The main attraction on this route is serenity and solitude. When you see the green plateaus with snow-covered mountains in the background, they leave you spellbound.

3. Col de Suzette

Located in Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur, Col de Suzette is a 5.3 km long pass at an altitude of 392 m with an average gradient of around 5%. Many tourists love col de Suzette because it has a lot to offer. Main attractions include Dentelles de Montmirail, Le Barroux Vaison-la-Romaine, and many more.

4. Chamonix

Chamonix tops the charts when we solely talk about the view. Not only that, but the town itself is also worth a visit. The Main plus point of Chamonix is that it is away from the crowd and not as popular and well-known among the masses.

Chamonix offers excellent food and great accommodation to travelers at reasonable rates. You may encounter occasional hikers, interrupting your flow, but it is worth the fantastic view.

Things to remember

When visiting mountain roads on a motorbike, you must be very careful about certain aspects. Discovering new roads can take quite a lot of concentration and requires high riding skills with unknown curves and tricky sections. Make sure to track your ride with the Motobit APP and activate both the curve warning and hazard notification features to enjoy a safe ride. Another important aspect is the motorbike itself. If your motorbike breaks down, there may be little or no technical help uphill. In such moments, a biker is left all by himself. So, before you embark on your adventurous journey, ensure your motorbike is well-maintained and up for the challenge!
5. Mountain passes in Italy




Discover epic mountain roads in beautiful Italy with the motorcycle

Italy is famous for tourism, arts, architecture, and, of course, delicious pizza. If you are planning to visit Italy, there are probably several things on your bucket list already. You must have included the main ones like The Renaissance, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Amalfi Coast, etc. But one thing that is genuinely underrated about Italy is its beautiful mountains in the country’s North.

Those mountains and the roads leading to them are packed with scenic views. A motorbike ride through the mountain roads of Italy will leave you spellbound. Here are 3 of the most famous mountain passes in Italy that are just the right pick for your next motorbike trip across the scenic mountains in Italy.

1. San Boldo Pass

San Boldo is a short mountain pass that covers an area of 17 km. It is ideal if you want to enjoy it to the fullest in a short time or do not want to ride the motorbike for too long. The favorite part of most motorcyclists in San Boldo is riding through the tunnels.

The pass has five tunnels in total, riding through it counts as one of the most exciting things due to the echoing sound of your bike’s engine. Five tunnels cover 17 kilometers of distance, and the echo of the engine produced inside them is genuinely a symphony to the ears. The road surface is not as smooth as one expects for a bike ride. Also, keep in mind that you can travel at a speed of 30 kph only.

2. Maloja pass

Maloja pass is located at a geographically peculiar location. It lies on the Swiss/Italian border. A plus point of this pass is that it is open year around. It is ideal for visiting on bicycles too.

There are many tourist attraction points in the neighborhood of Maloja Pass, such as Lago del Cavloc, and the Tower of Belvedere. If you are flexible to expand your radius just a bit, you can get even more options.

While on the bike to Maloja Pass, you should be careful about a few things. Firstly, the road mainly comprises ascent/descent, so drive with full precautions. Secondly, although the pass is open around the year while traveling on a motorbike, you should consider the summer season for your journey.

3. Gardena Pass

The Gardena Pass is also known as Grödner Joch. Located in South Tyrol, Gardena Pass presents a breathtaking view. The road is located at an elevation of over 2000 m and is relatively smooth until the end. Due to this, it is a favorite among many tourists, but expect it to be a little crowdy in the peak season. Although the road is smooth, you need to be an experienced rider.

Things to remember

It is always a wise idea to keep a few things in your mind before you embark on your journey. First, your bike and gear should be up to the mark. On such risky passes and roads, it is better to stay safe and not take any risks. Talking about potential risks, the curve warning and hazard warning feature of the Motobit APP is a great way to ride safely while being fully focused on controlling your bike. Also, consider the weather conditions and humidity before setting off your motorbike. One thing people often neglect is selecting the right accommodation. Failing to do so may influence the vacation heavily. So, make a wise choice regarding your destination that matches your needs. And lastly, don’t forget to have lots of fun and make as many memories as possible!
4. Mountain passes in Switzerland




The best mountain passes to visit in Switzerland with the motorcycle

When it comes to breathtaking views, there’s almost no match for Switzerland. People from all over the world visit Switzerland mainly for beautiful views and a memorable vacation. The country is blessed with many beautiful landscapes and many alpine terrains.

Switzerland is the right vacation spot for you if you are a mountain lover and a motorcyclist. And if you are thinking about a trip to Switzerland anytime soon, here is a list of a few breathtaking mountain passes in Switzerland.

1. The Great St. Bernard Pass

The Great St. Bernard Pass truly lives to its name; it is magnificent. The elevation there is 2469 m and the history of the Great St. Bernard Pass dates back to ancient Romans, who used it for commercial trade. It is a tourist attraction and is visited by thousands of people every year.

It is an ideal route for motorcyclists because the pass has such beautiful and scenic views that a slow ride across them will let you soak in the calmness of the place. If you plan to stay, the famous Great St. Bernard Hospice is the perfect pick. It also holds historical significance that dates back to Napolean’s era.

A tunnel through the mountain also aids travelers in the winter. However, you should avoid traveling in winter due to harsh weather conditions. The journey to the Great St. Bernard Pass starts in Zurich, Switzerland, and ends in Milan, Italy.

2. The Furka Pass

The magnificence of Furka Pass can be estimated from the fact that “Goldfinger” from the James Bond movie was filmed here. thanks to the dramatic scenes and views of glaciers, mountain tops, and forested areas.

Furka Pass is located at a height of 2429 m. The main attraction of Furka Pass, which attracts many tourists, is the Rhone Glacier. You can book a tour and walk the 100 m tunnel through the glacier if you are brave enough. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience since it takes almost one and a half hours to traverse without a break.

3. The Simplon Pass

The Simplon Pass is ideal if you are not experienced enough in motorcycling through mountain passes. The ride to it is pretty smooth and does not have many hindrances compared to other mountain passes in the country.

The roads curve around and cover the mountain. When you ride on these roads, you will have a one-of-its-kind experience that will stay with you forever. Ganter Bridge which is 150 m above the valley, is the main tourist attraction. Other than that, you can visit Simplon Hospice. Without any stops, your ride will total one hour through the pass on Route 9.

Things to keep in mind

One thing that many bikers often forget is comfortable gear. They often focus on the right equipment, but comfort is equally important for such a long bike journey. Since speeding is rather expensive in Switzerland, make sure to activate the hazard notification feature while tracking your ride with the Motobit APP. By doing this you can be warned of speed cameras and save big on gas money. Apart from that, an essential factor to consider is the weather, especially in the mountains where weather conditions can change rather quickly. So make sure you check the weather before traveling and look for landslides etc. to enjoy an unforgettable journey!
3. Mountain passes in Austria




Mountain roads not to miss in Austria on your motorcycle

Austria is home to one of the best scenic mountains in Europe. The breathtaking roads with stellar and panoramic views are worth visiting. A road trip to the magnificent mountain passes in Austria should be on every rider’s bucket list. If you are visiting these places in Europe anytime soon, plan and check the weather forecast. For road trips, summers are the perfect season of choice. Plus, in summer, you can choose various activities such as hiking, rafting, paragliding, etc. Now the main question that arises is what mountain passes to visit.

Places to visit

Since Austria is full of worth-visiting scenic places and mountain passes, it isn’t accessible to short-list a few. If you also face the same difficulty, here is a complete guide to making your trip across the Austrian mountain ranges memorable.

1. Gerlos Alpine Road

Gerlos Alpine Road is a 12-km road in the high Tauern National Park. The route extends from Krimml to Pinzgau. It’s a motorist’s pleasure to drive on the Gerlos Alpine Road, and being on a bike ride is the cherry on top. It provides you with matchless views.

The road has nine major turns with a 9% gradient and is located 1628 m in height. The main attraction on this road is Wasser Welten Krimml at 380 m height. It is a spectacular waterfall that is a true must to visit. Besides that, a marked hiking trail encompasses 400 km of area. You can also visit an amazing exhibition space and Aquapark there. The ideal time to visit Gerlos Alpine Road is in summer, especially between May and October.

2. Goldeck Panoramic Road

Next on the list is the Goldeck Panoramic Road, which covers 14.5 km. The road has ten turns and is at 1895m. the main attraction on this road is Lake Millstatt and its scenic views. You can enjoy hiking there too. Other attractions on this road are mountain inns and cool picnic spots. The ideal time to visit Goldeck Panoramic Road is in the summer as well.

3. Nockalm Road

Nockalm Road expands to 32km connecting Ebene Reichenau in the North to Innerkrems in the South. It has 52 major turns and lies at a higher altitude of 2042 m. People come here mainly to visit the largest larch and stone pine forests in the Eastern Alps.

Nockalm Road is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve aiming at preserving alpine habitats. You will love the exhibition area and the alpine farming museum if this intrigues you. On Nockalm Road are animal displays, 3D cinemas, and eight adventure playgrounds for children. So, if you visit with family, you don’t have to worry about them having fun.

Things to remember

Apart from these three mountain passes, Austria is full of scenic mountain roads. It is just the proper motorbike and gear that can take you to places. One thing to keep in mind about bike riding at mountain passes is to observe your speed limit. A great way to check your actual riding speed without having to trust your odometer which may be a little off is by using the Dashboard view of the Motobit APP. This way you have all the needed trip information at a glance including your riding speed so you can fully focus on the road. And with Motobit PREMIUM you can even plan longer tours that will keep you busy your entire trip which is only one of many Premium features that you can upgrade to. And speaking of the speed limit, prioritize your safety by wearing a good helmet and proper safety gear. Many bikers often do not consider keeping a handy toolkit with them unless they are hit by an unfortunate incident that they learn to complete their gear. Do not make this mistake, and ensure you hit the road all set to be ready to conquer these magnificent Austrian mountain roads!
2. Mountain passes in Germany




Stunning mountain passes to visit in Germany with the motorcycle

Germany is full of bucket-list destinations when it comes to a proper road trip. Mountain passes are every biker’s dream destination due to the scenic mountain roads that lead you to your destination. If you are also planning a road trip on your motorbike across amazing mountain roads of Germany, here is all you need to know about it.

What places to visit?

There is no shortage of stunning mountain passes in Germany that can keep you hooked throughout your journey. For your ease, we have listed a few worth-visiting ones here.

1. German Alpine Road

Also known as The Deutsche Alpen Strasse, the German Alpine Road stretches across the Austrian border. The stellar Alpine landscapes are the main attraction on this road from the Bodensee to the Königssee. Beer gardens and a proper lederhosen spirit further increase the beauty of this road. It takes almost 9 hours to cross this beautiful 515 km road. However, due to breathtaking castles, scenic mountain lakes, and health resorts located on it, your travel time is bound to increase. A reliable motorbike with sufficient gear is essential for traveling across the German Alpine Road by a motorbike. Road conditions are generally smooth across the road, so opting for a decent average speed would be excellent, keeping in mind safety and time. At this point the route planning feature of the Motobit APP comes in handy. Extend your tour over your favourite mountain passes with additional waypoints of use the round trip feature to get started quickly. You must be cautious about keeping a close eye on gas-filling stations. Monitor your fuel gauge and take precautions before you run out of fuel.

2. Rossfeld Panorama Street

Another breathtaking place to visit on your motorbike is Rossfeld Panorama Street in Germany. The road is scenic and beautiful. It may only spread over 55 km and will take you 1 hour and 30 minutes across it, but the route offers amazing alpine pastures and magnificent views. If you are looking for something short yet worth remembering in the future, Panorama Street is the answer. It is even ideal for exploring it by foot if you’re up for a good hike.

3. Sudelfeld Pass

Also known as Bavaria’s Alpine patch, Sudelfeld Pass connects Bayrischzell and Oberaudorf. It is located at a height of 1123 m. Sudelfeld Pass is also part of Sudefeld Strasse and the Mangfall Mountain Range covers the road. When traveling on the German Alpine Road, you will encounter Sudefeld Pass too.

Things to keep in mind

Apart from the three destinations mentioned, there are many other majestic mountain roads in Germany that you can opt for. No matter what route you choose, one thing is guaranteed: the destination will be beautiful. Touring Germany is ideal in Spring and Autumn. Like all other road trips, your route should be clear to you before you depart for your journey. Furthermore, it is always a wise idea to keep a record of the food spots you will have during your trip. Food spots are not as crucial as fuel stops to your journey, so keep track of filling stations first. One crucial thing a biker often forgets on road trips to mountains is that you need to ensure the motorbike’s road safety before you leave. So make sure that the curve hazard and hazard warning feature of the Motobit APP is active so that you can enjoy your trip without any hazzle. If you have rented out a bike, checking the safety of the bike becomes even more crucial since you need to rely on it throughout the entire tour. Have a great ride!
1. How to store and prep the motorcycle for the winter




How to prepare your motorcycle for the off-season

It’s the time of the year for us motorcyclists to bid a temporary farewell to our not-so-interim love, their motorcycle. If you are also in this boat, here are all the points you need to check off the list to ensure secure winter storage of your bike.

Cleaning the bike

You must have had a pretty adventurous summer with your bike. It’s time to get rid of all the season’s dirt in one thorough wash. Use good soap and a sponge to reach all washable parts of your bike.

Oil change

After your last season ride, make sure to change your motorcycle’s oil if needed. Do it right before the winter storage so that when you take it out in spring, it’s ready for action.

Gas tank level

Half-filled gas tanks may lead to technical issues if kept for the long term. Such problems are often quite heavy on the pocket, so fill it up properly to be better safe than sorry.

Tire pressure

To avoid flat spots in your motorcycle’s tires, take the weight off them. An effective way of ensuring no flat areas is using a motorcycle stand. If you don’t have a motorcycle stand, try to keep the motorcycle in such a position that alleviates the weight from the back tire. For this, you should also check the tires every few weeks to avoid flat spots on your tires.


Removing the battery is a wiser decision as compared to keeping it during the storage period. Once removed, clean the electrodes, and connect the battery to a charger for the entire storage period. If your storage period is short or you don’t have a charger, you can choose not to remove the battery. However, in that case, you should charge the battery once every month by turning on your motorbike.

Exhaust pipe

Stuffing your bike’s exhaust pipes and other open sections is essential, as you don’t want rats taking up residence there. Use special muffler plugs that fit your exhaust or plastic bags for this purpose. Ensure you thoroughly remove all the stuffing at the storage season’s end.

Storage space

Safe and reliable storage space is essential. If you don’t have one right at your home, you can rent a space for the off-season. It may add to the cost, but you need safe storage space to keep your beloved bike away from thieves. People often opt for slots like a barn etc., but the storage space should not pose a potential threat to your bike.

Motorcycle cover

Lastly, when you are done with all the prepping steps, cover your motorcycle with a fitted cover that covers your model. Another protective step before storing your bike is sealing the entire metal surface with wax. It protects against rust on the metal frame of the motorcycle. Following all these steps before storing your motorcycle means that you won’t need to worry about anything. Make sure to use the winter break and plan your next tour with the Motobit APP so you can start looking forward to having a great time with your adventure buddy right away and be ready to hit the road next season the right way!