Am I too old to ride a motorcycle? Have you been asking yourself this question? No worries! No rider in this world hasn’t at some point asked himself some tough questions like these. Even though the questions seem to be tough, the answers don’t need to be!

In this guide, we will cover important questions concerning the old-age factor when it comes to motorcycle riding. These questions have clouded a lot of riders’ minds when they reach a certain age.

What is the last age to ride a motorcycle?

To be honest, there is no specific last age to retire as a motorcycle rider. People in their 70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s ride without any problems. The only difference is that they don’t ride to compete, but just to have some fun and go from point A to point B. The only thing which can probably stop someone from riding in old age is if they have any physical disability of any sort. We have even seen physically disabled people go out for a ride as motorcycles don’t require a lot of effort from the body.

However, it is highly advisable to seek safety before fun. Consult a doctor if you have any problems physically or mentally.

Is there a different range of motorcycles for older people?

Yes. If you are a motorcycle rider and have been for some time, you might know that there is a bike for everyone. One bike-fits-all has never been a thing and will never be. The weight handling, controls, and balance of each bike suit a certain type of rider. Be it a woman rider, a male rider, a first-time rider, a beginner, an experienced, a commuter, or an older rider, there is a different type of motorcycle for every type of rider.

Adults and especially adults above the age of 60 often do not need to go fast. They have probably lived the young years of their lives they wanted, and if they are still riding at this age, it is better to just sit back, hit the throttle but not that hard, and enjoy the soft breeze hitting their faces. There can be physical and mental problems that can hinder their sense of control over the motorcycle. That is the reason some motorcycles suit them better than most bikes. These motorcycles are light, and easy to balance and control, and also the controls are not that complicated, ensuring a safe and simple ride for older motorcyclists. We also recommend that these motorcyclists better ride motorcycles with engine displacement in the range of 100cc to 500cc or a lower center of gravity.

Recommended motorcycles for elderly bike riders are for instance:

  • Honda CBF600
  • Suzuki SV650
  • Kawasaki Versys 650 LT
  • Yamaha Tracer 900 GT
  • BMW F650, F800

What are the dangers of riding a motorcycle an old age?

Common sense applies here! Older people are more susceptible to injuries and accidents and in case they do get into one, they will take a relatively longer time than a younger rider to recover. This is because people above 60 have weaker bones, and poorer vision and they are more vulnerable to physical disabilities. So, yes there are several dangers concerned if you are aged and riding. But that doesn’t mean you should not do it. There are different types of adults. Some are even stronger than others when it comes to vision, strength, and endurance.

At the end of the day, it depends on how you feel about yourself and how confident you are about riding that motorcycle.

Can an old age rider race or go wherever they like?

You can participate in a race at any age between 50-90 but only if you have a good amount of experience to back you up. If you don’t have racing or motorcycle riding experience and still want to participate, you can go for a race with a speed limit. The reason we say you should not qualify for a proper race if you aren’t an experience holder is that you will have to go fast and that is not at all recommended at your age. Lastly, you need to wear complete safety gear first before taking on any race or ride.

Generally speaking: An adult riders should never go wherever they like. Period. They might want to go to the mountains, dunes, snowy places, and rocky or muddy places, but all these places are a huge no-no for adult riders. As mentioned before, aged riders do not have the reflexes as young riders. The above-mentioned places are great to ride motorcycles but only for young motorcyclists who can be in full control riding on such tough and uneven terrains. For older riders, places like paved roads, grasslands, forests, and parks are the go-to places for a lovely ride.

What is the importance of safety for adults and how to ride safely?

The above questions and answers have mostly covered the many safety aspects an older rider must follow. If you are aging and still want to ride, there is no harm in it. But we would suggest you get high-quality safety gear which you should wear at all times while riding. It is worth pointing out, that you should pick only gear that truly fits you to have the needed flexibility to control your motorcycle at all times. Driving slowly goes without saying at your age.

Taking a safety course will be a great help as it may eradicate any common mistake you might make.

Am I too old to ride a motorcycle? What can support me?

So, to answer the big question, no person is too old to ride a motorcycle, given that he believes in himself and his riding. Also, if you are following all the safety protocols, there is no need to hang up those riding boots just yet! Make sure you ride in stable places and also invest some time in exercising to keep you fit and ready for a ride at any time. If you feel unsure about exploring new and unfamiliar roads, it is very helpful to plan the route first. The Motobit App can help you find out if there are any challenging curves or obstacles along your route. For the best possible support, Motobit Sentinel will inform you if there is a road hazard on the route ahead. So make sure you always have both Curve Assist and Hazard Notification enabled in the Motobit App, so you can be alerted via your Sentinel or headset to what you should be paying extra attention to. Last but not least: Invest in a motorbike that suits you and your riding style, and you’ll be able to enjoy your hobby well into old age!

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