Stunning mountain passes to visit in Germany with the motorcycle

Germany is full of bucket-list destinations when it comes to a proper road trip. Mountain passes are every biker’s dream destination due to the scenic mountain roads that lead you to your destination. If you are also planning a road trip on your motorbike across amazing mountain roads of Germany, here is all you need to know about it.

What places to visit?

There is no shortage of stunning mountain passes in Germany that can keep you hooked throughout your journey. For your ease, we have listed a few worth-visiting ones here.

1. German Alpine Road

Also known as The Deutsche Alpen Strasse, the German Alpine Road stretches across the Austrian border. The stellar Alpine landscapes are the main attraction on this road from the Bodensee to the Königssee. Beer gardens and a proper lederhosen spirit further increase the beauty of this road. It takes almost 9 hours to cross this beautiful 515 km road. However, due to breathtaking castles, scenic mountain lakes, and health resorts located on it, your travel time is bound to increase. A reliable motorbike with sufficient gear is essential for traveling across the German Alpine Road by a motorbike. Road conditions are generally smooth across the road, so opting for a decent average speed would be excellent, keeping in mind safety and time. At this point the route planning feature of the Motobit APP comes in handy. Extend your tour over your favourite mountain passes with additional waypoints of use the round trip feature to get started quickly. You must be cautious about keeping a close eye on gas-filling stations. Monitor your fuel gauge and take precautions before you run out of fuel.

2. Rossfeld Panorama Street

Another breathtaking place to visit on your motorbike is Rossfeld Panorama Street in Germany. The road is scenic and beautiful. It may only spread over 55 km and will take you 1 hour and 30 minutes across it, but the route offers amazing alpine pastures and magnificent views. If you are looking for something short yet worth remembering in the future, Panorama Street is the answer. It is even ideal for exploring it by foot if you’re up for a good hike.

3. Sudelfeld Pass

Also known as Bavaria’s Alpine patch, Sudelfeld Pass connects Bayrischzell and Oberaudorf. It is located at a height of 1123 m. Sudelfeld Pass is also part of Sudefeld Strasse and the Mangfall Mountain Range covers the road. When traveling on the German Alpine Road, you will encounter Sudefeld Pass too.

Things to keep in mind

Apart from the three destinations mentioned, there are many other majestic mountain roads in Germany that you can opt for. No matter what route you choose, one thing is guaranteed: the destination will be beautiful. Touring Germany is ideal in Spring and Autumn. Like all other road trips, your route should be clear to you before you depart for your journey. Furthermore, it is always a wise idea to keep a record of the food spots you will have during your trip. Food spots are not as crucial as fuel stops to your journey, so keep track of filling stations first. One crucial thing a biker often forgets on road trips to mountains is that you need to ensure the motorbike’s road safety before you leave. So make sure that the curve hazard and hazard warning feature of the Motobit APP is active so that you can enjoy your trip without any hazzle. If you have rented out a bike, checking the safety of the bike becomes even more crucial since you need to rely on it throughout the entire tour. Have a great ride!

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