Reading tip - The perfect motorcycle tour by Oskar Stübinger

Whether it’s a short trip, a weekend excursion, or a longer journey. The current book “The perfect motorcycle tour – Plan! Pack! Ride!” by Oskar Stübinger aims to explain all the necessary safety aspects that are important when motorcycling.

This article shows whether and how the author has succeeded.

Motorcycling safety is first and foremost

Motorcycling is a passion. So that the fun does not become too serious, the subject of safety should not be forgotten when riding a motorbike; regardless of whether you are a beginner or an old hand. Oskar Stübinger has written this book to offer support for one’s own riding technique and to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

The perfect motorcycle tour - This is what the content promises

A motorbike tour does not begin with starting the engine. Even when planning and packing, there are many safety-relevant aspects that should be taken into account. The book is logically structured, richly illustrated, and conveys everything necessary in a comprehensible form and language. After all, you want to return home in good health.

1. Travel planning and preparation: these two chapters are entirely devoted to planning and organization before the actual trip. In addition, you will receive important information such as tips on equipment and the correct loading of the bike.

2. The maxims of motorbike touring: where are the dangers when riding, how do I behave safely in traffic and how can you increase safety for yourself and other road users?

3. Riding in the Alps: “Aufi aufn Berg!” is the German-speaking motto in this chapter. Here everything revolves around driving at lofty heights. Cornering techniques, hairpin bends, special dangers in the alpine area, weather influences, and appropriate behavior as well as riding in the sun, at night, and with a pillion passenger. 

4. Riding in a group: What is important when riding in a group? This chapter provides information on safety-relevant behavior, tips, and hand signals for easy communication with each other.

5. In case of an emergency: breakdown, accident, or roll over. Bikers are not immune to critical situations. Here Oskar Stübinger talks about this unpleasant topic and at the same time motivates how to behave safely.

Tips for the perfect motorcycle tour at a glance

  • Conscientious planning and loading
  • Knowing your own performance limits
  • Correct cornering and driving behavior
  • Respectful interaction with other road users
  • Staying focused and on the road at all times
  • Wear the appropriate motorbike clothing
  • Wearing an optimal motorbike helmet
  • Having a technically sound motorbike and tires
  • Undergoing regular riding safety training

Who is Oskar Stübinger?

Oskar Stübinger, author of “The perfect motorcycle tour – Plan! Pack! Ride!” is a native of Nuremberg, Germany. As an enthusiastic motorcyclist, he offers guided tours throughout Europe as a tour guide. The special thing about his tours is the combination of touring and practical riding training.

How can I plan a great tour in only a few steps?

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The book “The perfect motorcycle tour – Plan! Pack! Ride!” is aimed specifically at beginners. But “old hands” will also find a lot of useful input in it. The content describes in detail trip planning as well as proper packing, important safety aspects during the tour (hazard recognition, alpine tours, group riding) and helpful support in case of breakdowns or accidents.

With his book, the author has managed to write a detailed compendium about motorcycling. It is easy to read, very informative and richly illustrated. Again and again, he addresses the topic of safety and thus raises awareness for conscious motorcycling. So that you arrive home healthy again after the tour. A motorbike book that should not be missing from any bookshelf.


The perfect motorcycle tour – Plan! Pack! Ride!
Oskar Stübinger
ISBN: 978-3-96664-001-5
EUR 20,60


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