Mountain roads not to miss in Austria on your motorcycle

Austria is home to one of the best scenic mountains in Europe. The breathtaking roads with stellar and panoramic views are worth visiting. A road trip to the magnificent mountain passes in Austria should be on every rider’s bucket list. If you are visiting these places in Europe anytime soon, plan and check the weather forecast. For road trips, summers are the perfect season of choice. Plus, in summer, you can choose various activities such as hiking, rafting, paragliding, etc. Now the main question that arises is what mountain passes to visit.

Places to visit

Since Austria is full of worth-visiting scenic places and mountain passes, it isn’t accessible to short-list a few. If you also face the same difficulty, here is a complete guide to making your trip across the Austrian mountain ranges memorable.

1. Gerlos Alpine Road

Gerlos Alpine Road is a 12-km road in the high Tauern National Park. The route extends from Krimml to Pinzgau. It’s a motorist’s pleasure to drive on the Gerlos Alpine Road, and being on a bike ride is the cherry on top. It provides you with matchless views.

The road has nine major turns with a 9% gradient and is located 1628 m in height. The main attraction on this road is Wasser Welten Krimml at 380 m height. It is a spectacular waterfall that is a true must to visit. Besides that, a marked hiking trail encompasses 400 km of area. You can also visit an amazing exhibition space and Aquapark there. The ideal time to visit Gerlos Alpine Road is in summer, especially between May and October.

2. Goldeck Panoramic Road

Next on the list is the Goldeck Panoramic Road, which covers 14.5 km. The road has ten turns and is at 1895m. the main attraction on this road is Lake Millstatt and its scenic views. You can enjoy hiking there too. Other attractions on this road are mountain inns and cool picnic spots. The ideal time to visit Goldeck Panoramic Road is in the summer as well.

3. Nockalm Road

Nockalm Road expands to 32km connecting Ebene Reichenau in the North to Innerkrems in the South. It has 52 major turns and lies at a higher altitude of 2042 m. People come here mainly to visit the largest larch and stone pine forests in the Eastern Alps.

Nockalm Road is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve aiming at preserving alpine habitats. You will love the exhibition area and the alpine farming museum if this intrigues you. On Nockalm Road are animal displays, 3D cinemas, and eight adventure playgrounds for children. So, if you visit with family, you don’t have to worry about them having fun.

Things to remember

Apart from these three mountain passes, Austria is full of scenic mountain roads. It is just the proper motorbike and gear that can take you to places. One thing to keep in mind about bike riding at mountain passes is to observe your speed limit. A great way to check your actual riding speed without having to trust your odometer which may be a little off is by using the Dashboard view of the Motobit APP. This way you have all the needed trip information at a glance including your riding speed so you can fully focus on the road. And with Motobit PREMIUM you can even plan longer tours that will keep you busy your entire trip which is only one of many Premium features that you can upgrade to. And speaking of the speed limit, prioritize your safety by wearing a good helmet and proper safety gear. Many bikers often do not consider keeping a handy toolkit with them unless they are hit by an unfortunate incident that they learn to complete their gear. Do not make this mistake, and ensure you hit the road all set to be ready to conquer these magnificent Austrian mountain roads!

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