How to prepare your motorcycle for the off-season

It’s the time of the year for us motorcyclists to bid a temporary farewell to our not-so-interim love, their motorcycle. If you are also in this boat, here are all the points you need to check off the list to ensure secure winter storage of your bike.

Cleaning the bike

You must have had a pretty adventurous summer with your bike. It’s time to get rid of all the season’s dirt in one thorough wash. Use good soap and a sponge to reach all washable parts of your bike.

Oil change

After your last season ride, make sure to change your motorcycle’s oil if needed. Do it right before the winter storage so that when you take it out in spring, it’s ready for action.

Gas tank level

Half-filled gas tanks may lead to technical issues if kept for the long term. Such problems are often quite heavy on the pocket, so fill it up properly to be better safe than sorry.

Tire pressure

To avoid flat spots in your motorcycle’s tires, take the weight off them. An effective way of ensuring no flat areas is using a motorcycle stand. If you don’t have a motorcycle stand, try to keep the motorcycle in such a position that alleviates the weight from the back tire. For this, you should also check the tires every few weeks to avoid flat spots on your tires.


Removing the battery is a wiser decision as compared to keeping it during the storage period. Once removed, clean the electrodes, and connect the battery to a charger for the entire storage period. If your storage period is short or you don’t have a charger, you can choose not to remove the battery. However, in that case, you should charge the battery once every month by turning on your motorbike.

Exhaust pipe

Stuffing your bike’s exhaust pipes and other open sections is essential, as you don’t want rats taking up residence there. Use special muffler plugs that fit your exhaust or plastic bags for this purpose. Ensure you thoroughly remove all the stuffing at the storage season’s end.

Storage space

Safe and reliable storage space is essential. If you don’t have one right at your home, you can rent a space for the off-season. It may add to the cost, but you need safe storage space to keep your beloved bike away from thieves. People often opt for slots like a barn etc., but the storage space should not pose a potential threat to your bike.

Motorcycle cover

Lastly, when you are done with all the prepping steps, cover your motorcycle with a fitted cover that covers your model. Another protective step before storing your bike is sealing the entire metal surface with wax. It protects against rust on the metal frame of the motorcycle. Following all these steps before storing your motorcycle means that you won’t need to worry about anything. Make sure to use the winter break and plan your next tour with the Motobit APP so you can start looking forward to having a great time with your adventure buddy right away and be ready to hit the road next season the right way!

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