10 tips to start the motorcycle season safely – Part 1

10 tips to start the motorcycle season safely - part one

Whoever said that “You haven’t truly lived until you have ridden a motorcycle” couldn’t have been truer. However, there is no denying the fact that motorcycling has this stigma attached to it, quite incorrectly, that it is an extremely dangerous way to utilise your time. Most of this stems from the higher than the normal number of accidents people tend to have on motorcycles. The truth of the matter though is that lot of these accidents can be chalked down to poor preparation and overlooking basic riding etiquette. As the motorcycle season is about to step into high-gear, here are 5 tips to keep you safe so you can enjoy the motorcycling to the fullest without putting your health and life at risk.

Get back in riding shape

The holidays weren’t too long ago which means that you would be carrying a few extra pounds. This can be detrimental to your enjoyment especially on long rides. Get back in shape by doing basic exercises with a good amount of cardio thrown in. Contrary to popular belief, motorcycle riding isn’t easy even though it gives the appearance of just sitting and riding along. Also, do plenty of stretching so your body can bear the strains of riding a motorcycle without causing much discomfort so you can concentrate on completely on the fun aspects of the ride.

Get your motorcycle in shape

Just a small percentage of motorcycle related road mishaps are due to poorly maintained motorcycles, but you do not want be in this group, right? In all probability, your motorcycle would have been sitting for months. Check the fluid levels first and then the play on the brake and clutch levers. If everything seems all right then start the engine in neutral and let it warm up. Once warmed up, rev the engine and listen to ensure that everything is normal. Check the tyres for punctures and the chassis of the motorcycle for any issues. If you run into issues at any point then get the motorcycle fixed properly. Even if everything is all right, it is a good idea to have the motorcycle serviced so that it is in the best shape possible for the riding season.

Check your gear

It can never be emphasised enough how important riding gear is to safety. It should be comfortable without compromising on safety. It should also be visible even in low light conditions. If your gear has been sitting in a corner like your motorcycle then check it thoroughly to ensure it is all right. Also, wear it and stretch around in it to ensure there won’t be any problems mid-ride.

Plan your trips beforehand

Like pretty much every other important thing in life, riding a motorcycle requires planning as well. Plan your motorcycle season well in advance allotting plenty of time to exercise beforehand. Fix a date for all the checks on the motorcycle and then plan out your rides. These plans do not have to be concrete but they should give you a fair idea as to what you will be doing in your motorcycle season

Ensure your insurance is up to date

This is pretty self-explanatory. Ensure that your motorcycle’s insurance is up to date so you are covered in the unfortunate event of a crash

Enjoy your ride and stay safe!

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