We are preparing the Motobit APP for the next riding season!

With lower temperatures and earlier sunsets, this year’s riding season in Europe is slowly coming to an end. But we do not rest because: After the season is before the season!

This is why we are working hard on many improvements to the Motobit APP so that you can expect nothing but the BEST for YOUR next riding season!


We polished the user interface to make it easier to navigate through the app, plan your next tours, track your rides, and much more!

What does that mean?

Very soon you will be welcomed on the map showing your current location for a clearer picture of your surroundings at a glance.

Moreover, the map becomes your direct entry point when tracking your ride through a new and highlighted button in the middle of the improved menu. Tracking your ride has never been easier!

What’s also new is that your current location will always be visible on the map when tracking your ride through an arrow icon that shows where you’re heading. And to give you a clear picture of what’s ahead of you, the icon is moved closer to the bottom of the map so you can always see upcoming road hazards.

If you’re a big fan of our trusty dashboard and you love the trip information it provides, we’ve got you covered: Simply toggle the dashboard button on the bottom right of the map to switch to the dashboard view so you can find all trip the information you need when riding.


Very soon you will be able to re-experience your tracked tours again using turn-by-turn navigation. A new, dedicated icon will appear inside every tracked tour from the past so you can rerun tours you’ve enjoyed the most with your motorcycle. 

Of course, this tour will be tracked once again, stored in your list of tours, and features all the warning and analysis capabilities that you love from the Motobit APP when riding. Re-experience your favorite tours and discover new aspects with every new ride!


We all love curves, don’t we? From this reason you will be able to find the number of curves you passed during your tracked tours.

Furthermore, you will find this counter inside your overall statistic table inside your user profile. By the way: With the release of this statistic, all your existing rides will be counted already!


Due to popular demand, the tour planner in the app will receive great refinement. Soon you will be able to plan a tour in a combined view using the map and the selected locations in a list side by side.

What does this mean? It will become much easier to plan a tour giving you a preview at all time without having to switch to another view. Sounds cool, right?


We are also improving the routing engine that works behind the tour planning feature to find even better roads to ride. Here’s what to expect in more detail:

Sport routing mode

Soon there will be a new routing mode available for curvy tours that focus on road segments with higher speed limits for all motorcyclists that want to ride wider curves with a more sporty riding style.

This new and improved mode will be named Sport in the Motobit APP. Have a sneak peek below to see the changes!

Avoid highways and tolls

There will be the possibility to avoid highways and tolls when planning a tour. This way you can avoid extra fees and tolls, enjoy more scenic roads AND save money on fuel!


Improved user experience

We aim to improve the user experience while navigating with the Motobit APP by making your position in the map more responsive and showing you, what you can expect by integrating road hazard points throughout your planned tour.

Snappier rerouting

Until now it may take some time to reroute if a turn was missed or the cellular signal was low. We are working on code optimizations to make rerouting when navigating faster!

Faster navigation instructions

Furthermore, the navigation instructions that you receive when riding will come earlier, so you will never miss any turn along your tour during navigation!


Thanks to YOUR reports and the ones of the Motobit community, we are updating our database of road hazards to make the warnings more accurate and always up-to-date.

What else can you expect for 2023?

Various advancements are being developed “under the hood” of the Motobit APP to make Motobit faster and more energy-efficient on all smartphones out there.

Is there something on your wish list? Tell us!

We want YOU to benefit the most from Motobit, which is why we want to know if there is anything that you absolutely wish for. So let us know what YOU want for the next riding season by participating in our short survey!

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