Motobit Leaderboard

Hey there! Are you a passionate motorcyclist always looking for new challenges?

Motobit has got you covered. With our leaderboard, you can see where you rank among other riders based on your kilometers driven, hours spent on the road, number of rides, and number of curves driven.
This is not only a fun way to stay motivated, but also a great opportunity to see how you measure up against your fellow riders and to set new goals for yourself.

Keep an eye on the leaderboard and see your ranking improve as you log more rides and make the most of your motorcycle adventures. Get ready to join the competition and have some fun!

Have you been using our app for a while now? If so, you may have noticed some changes in the leaderboard ranking since the release of version 2.2.36 of the app (around the beginning of February 2023).

In the prior version, there was a small issue where if the internet connection was bad or not available during the syncronistion process the ride was correctly counted in the category “number of rides” but not its kilometer and duration. But do not worry, this problem is now solved!

We’ve also added various filters to make sure the statistics of your rides are as accurate as possible. For example, we filter out “jumpy” GPS points caused by a weak GPS signal. In the past this led to high distance values for some rides influencing the ranking in the leaderboard.

So, get ready to see your ranking improve and show off your motorcycle skills to the rest of the community!